Shubha! Ashubha!

Superstitions are dragging us towards wrong beliefs and notions. Any auspicious occasion is celebrated, by deciding the mahurat or time which is appropriate for it. Does it really make sense? Even a child is taking birth as per our timings and decisions. We all are trying to become god and do things in our own ways. But we should not forget, that playing with nature gonna cost us and it’s already started.

Whatever happening.. good or bad is not dependent on any situation or person. We all are bearing the fruits of the seeds sown in our own garden.

If something wrong happens to us, we blame the third person or we look up in the sky. Why? The right place is to look within. Ask your self, why it happened to me? And you will get the correct answer.

Nothing is Shubha or Ashubha.. it’s the creation of our own mind to escape from the correct reasons. We should take the responsibility for why things happened to us.

Therefore, break the boundaries of superstition and face the reality.

Follow the rules

Breaking of boundaries is due to temptations,

Self-restraint… is what we need;

Freedom from boundaries is due to limitations,

Self-discipline… should be the seed;

Sometimes what you like, is what is right for you,

But these situations, are rare and a few;

Following the rules, takes us smooth till destination,

And one day our life reaches to perfection.

Uplift self

The main reason why we are looking for objects and goals to be happy is inadequacy within self. We are not able to recognise the happiness within,and therefore seeking for outer objects for attainment of peace.

We keep running here and there to experience joy, but fails each time as it’s not permanent and vanishes quickly. So what’s the use of such joyfulness for which we need to do things which are making us run away from our inner self.

What we are looking for is within ourself. We just need to uplift self by conquering the enemies. Kaam, kroodh, Moh, lobh are the enemies with which we need to fight. When they will be defeated then naturally the real self will be experienced.

Therefore, for uplifting self “remind the mind”.

Mind is the most powerful machine. And the control to this machine is in our own hands. Don’t allow the mind to instruct us, instead you take the command in your hands. When we take the charge and remind the mind , that is we who will decide what to do then slowly the training process starts. Keep rehearsing and one day the power of your brain is with you.

Who am I ?

What kind of person we are? Do we really know? Our image is not same for all. It’s a different face in front of different people. We all are capable of having multiple personalities. But the question is, which one is real?

May be as a friend I am very jolly and well behaved, as a sister I am very naughty and dominant, as a brother I am very demanding and caring, as a daughter I am very open and sharing, as a wife I am responsible and loving, as a husband I am patient and fulfilling, as a mother I am ready to sacrifice my life for my kids, as a father i am protective…. and for each different relationship a different face is portrayed.

Now, who knows us better among them? May be one of them or may be no one !!

But the point is….do you know, who you are? I think most of us are confused souls.

Searching for something, which even we don’t know..whether it will be useful for us or not.

We are running behind money and people.

Are they really going to help us in our karmic account, which we are carrying forward each time. Our true version need to be discovered….but how?

* Sit back quietly and know yourself.

* know what you are good at.

* Assess your relationship with others.

* Discover your passion.

* Relax and meditate.

* Ask for criticism.

* Talk to yourself in the mirror everyday.

The last tip will help a lot in knowing as well as improving ourselves. Looking into the mirror daily and speaking to self can discover a unique personality of ours hidden within us.

Once we know who we are and what we want from our life, then we have already reached half the way to achieve our life goals. Therefore keep discovering the real self and listen to it.

Ignite the fire within

Lots of people among us dream of achieving certain goals in our lives. We keep on thinking about how to achieve them, and make efforts too. But that’s not enough. Trust me… till the fire inside is not ignited we can never achieve our goals.

Now the question is, why do we want to reach to a certain point or achieve something ? There should be a strong reason behind that. Only money cannot motivate us. For some it may be money, for some it may be fame, and for some it may be other factors like happiness, peace, etc.

Goals which are achieved for money doesn’t give us long term satisfaction while goals which are achieved for internal happiness will give us immense satisfaction.

I know making people happy around us, give us happiness. Some of us are working whole day just to make others happy. Each day when we get up, we think of how we can make our boss happy, or husband, wife, kids, friends, etc. In the process of making all of them happy, where is our happiness gone. So… we keep on diverting from our ultimate goals and waste our life s precious time.

Rather than thinking of all this. We should find out what we actually want from our lives. Our life is too short. Each and every second is precious which will never come back. Therefore, find out what do we actually want from our life and ignite the fire of feelings within.

When we do meditation or have a relaxed mind we can think best without any influences around us. That’s the best time to ask yourself what we actually want from our life. Once we get the correct idea, start following it and experience infinite happiness.

Luck or karma?

Karma is the action which we are performing in our daily life, the thoughts which we are creating for others and ourself, and the speech or language which we use. These thoughts, speech and action all together makes our karma.

Lot of people these days are concentrating more on destiny. Asking questions like, how lucky they are? Which means, to find out their luck they are dependent on astrology. They rely more on astrologers for their future and past, which I think is waste of time and money.

Whatever we have sown, we will definitely reap that. If this logic is clear in our minds then we don’t need to ask or rely on anyone for why certain things are happening with us, and why certain things are not happening. If we just concentrate on what we should do and what we should not do, then life will be more easy to understand.

We are taking life for granted, that whatever is written in our destiny will happen. But no, the truth is, whatever we want will happen and no one can change that for sure. But that want should be there.

Therefore, a person can be unlucky, but can create its own luck by building efforts towards the goals. Whereas, having a good luck doesn’t mean that all good things will happen to that person. If a person is not concerned about good and bad karmas then, even the good luck won’t work.

So, luck is the permutations and combinations of possibilities and karma is the cause and effect. We should always believe in what we are doing and do it consciously. We will definitely reap the benefits.

Effortless Happiness

There are several ways through which we find ways to be happy. Shopping, watching movies, traveling, entertaining ourself with things, etc. But have we ever realised why are we finding ways to be happy… we really don’t need to make any kind of efforts to experience happiness.

The real treasure of happiness is hidden within ourself. We just need to explore it. Instead of finding ways to be happy, start finding ways to escape stress, gossiping, tension, and anger. If we learn the art to escape all these stress creators, then we can win the battle of life effortlessly.

So what’s the right way to achieve it? There’s actually no particular way to attain happiness. It’s our natural behaviour and each one of us are inborn with this characteristic. Following the below thoughts may help avoid with such stress:

* Don’t bother about what people will say or think.

* Nobody can hurt our feelings.. the control is in our own hands.

* Help others as much as possible.

* Be happy for others.

* Be close to mother nature.

* And make people as much happy as you can.

The last point is very important, as if we can make others happy, then it means that happiness is not buried deep inside us….It’s still alive.

So, make happiness your habit, and it will automatically become your nature soon.

Innocence is bliss

Innocence is the best way to live blissfully. An innocent person is always devoted towards god, without even realising it. As a child has no differences in his or her mind towards others…they look at everyone with the same thoughts. No cunningness, or guilt at all. God always hold hands of such people.

But as they grow up, they learn from the society and environment around them how to behave artificially. So this chain continues and we all sail in the same boat.

Innocent people can talk without manipulating. They will never worry of what other person will think of them. Ready to help others openheartedly. Affectionate with all, light hearted, playful, jolly and expressive.

I think we should remain like a child in thoughts and enjoy all the happiness inside us. As being innocent has lots of advantages:

* we don’t care what people say or think about us.

* Helpful towards others.

* Expressing self.

* Happy with what and how much we have.

* No expectations.

* No regrets.

* Fun loving.

But there are lot of us who believe, that innocence doesn’t work in this world. We need to be immoral, as people around us are so. We need to behave as per our environment demands. But that’s not true. We can maintain our innocence no matter what kind of people are there around us. It totally depends on us how we want to mould ourself. Therefore, this is the best way to experience bliss and remain stress free.