Wait for the rainbow

Whatever comes to our life whether success or failure, good times or bad times, sweet or bitter experiences… all are giving us opportunities in life to learn some lessons. Instead of being sad or depressed at negative moments we should face it joyfully with our full strength. Rather than being weak at this crucial time, give strength to those who need and create a happy atmosphere, so that the bad times can pass without stress.
After every storm comes a rainbow. But we need patience, hard work and dedication to see all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. Red colour denotes passion and enthusiasm to work during hard times. Don’t let the situations weaken you and your inner energies. 

Orange colour says ..be creative , practical and playful. Being practical in your life is the most important thing we can do. Your creativity will only blossom when you will believe in doing things joyfully.

Yellow shows sunshine.. clarity in our thoughts..which will come only through wisdom. Only experience and knowledge will give us power for a perfect judgement.

Green shows fertility which is only possible with good health and wealth. Taking care of our mental and physical health at times when we feel low is very important. 

Blue denotes spirituality, which is as wide as an ocean. For being spiritual, sky is the limit. If our thoughts are inclined towards spirituality at this point of time , all the tasks discussed above become very easy.

Indigo is a colour which enhances your spirituality skills and you can now work according to your intuitions. Person with spirituality in mind will always have the power to listen to his conscious. Their thoughts are so pure that what ever they think will happen no matter what the situation is.

Violet colour shows when you become master of spirituality. When you mix red which denotes passion and blue which shows spirituality, it’s like you have already won the race.

So , whenever we are going through bad times. Don’t loose hope as the rainbow is in process, being formed for you by your own efforts.