Be free like a bird

I’m sure everyone would love to fly like a bird if given a chance. What a feeling? Isn’t it . It’s possible if we give ourself that much freedom from thoughts and emotions. Too much of thoughts going on in our mind will not allow us to experience bliss and happiness. We must allow to spread the wings by making our mind shunya through meditation or yoga. It’s the technique of training our brain in such a manner that all the waste thoughts are thrown outside.

Freedom does not mean free from responsibilities but it means completely fulfilling our responsibilities in a devoted and hardworking manner. By doing this we will be satisfied and stress free in any given situation.

So what we need to do? Just be conscious and listen to your conscience.


The Vishnu way to live

God Vishnu who s the preserver of this universe, gives us lots of inspiration about how to live life. He inspires us not to run after all the maya or the material life….instead keep fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, and the maya will serve us automatically like Laxmi serves Vishnu.

The snake on which Vishnu is sitting indicates time. Which shows that we are all coiled and surrounded by this time and there is no escape to it. So make full utilisation of whatever we can do at a given point of time without any excuses, as it will never come back and the unfinished tasks will need to be completed if not now then in future. So why not do it right now.

Lord Brahama who’s sitting on the lotus flower which comes out of vishnu’s naval in the morning and goes back inside at night while sleeping, indicates that when we get up in the morning the world comes into action and creation because of our consciousness. While at night while sleeping this consciousness stops for a while. But this doesn’t mean that the world has come to a stop while we are sleeping, as things are happening continuously at their own pace.

Therefore, Vishnu is nowhere but its we ourself. No need to search for him here and there. Just inculcate all these qualities and we can enjoy life the Vishnu way.

Have a worry free conscience

A good definition of worry would be, imagination of the worst possible outcomes of future in a particular situation. Such negative situations weaken us and create fear in our physical self. If we ask someone why do you worry ? The answer would be, it is important to worry as we need to think of the possible worst situations coming in the future. If we don’t think of the different possible negative outcomes, how will we prepare for them?

But these are false beliefs. Worry is simply an incorrect and fruitless creation. It is wrong use of positive and constructive capacity of our mind, which instead of empowering our intellect, weakens it.

Preparing for future is important and necessary, but very often while doing that we enter the territory of worry. This leaves us defeated and weakened. Instead we should prepare ourself in advance for the future situations. This preparation can be done without unnecessary thoughts of worry.

On the other hand imagining positive outcomes or results will have a double effect of not only keeping the negative thoughts away from us, but will also attract the positive results towards us. We should not attach the possible negative results, even to the minutest extent, otherwise the possibility of future positivity reduces.

The belief of worry enters into our mind since childhood and it keeps getting strengthened from our life experiences. In this way we are caught in this vicious circle of worry👉negative situations 👉worry.

So, now we need to change our belief to “ it’s not good to worry”. Once we do that, there is no guarantee that negative situations will not arrive in our life because we have performed negative actions in our past and present birth, which needs to be settled. But yes, the extent of negative situations will be minimised. And even if they come, they will bid good bye sooner, if we have a worry free conscience.

Love you to the moon and back?

Love is something which has no boundaries to it. If we love someone then we can go beyond the limit for him or her. Initially we make efforts and then it comes naturally to us. True love is not magic. It happens after lot of patience, sacrifices and efforts made between two people.

It often happens in marriage these days. You either are lucky if everything goes well naturally or can get screwed too if not working properly on it. Some people marry for fulfilling their physical needs, some for financial needs, some under pressure of other people and some just want to marry because everyone is doing it( social needs). But where is love in all these things. It’s getting lost. All of us have different definitions of love. For some , reason behind love may be the physical at first sight 🙂 which happens with lot of us in teenage. Some of us love not the person, but the material things attached with him or her. How is it possible to love someone just by one glimpse. We can say i like you but loving a person takes time. For this we need to spend time and know the person. As the time passes by we become more closer by taking care of each other and knowing the likes and dislikes.

If we see the whole picture, there is selfishness behind our love. We love another person becgause we love ourself. It’s always conditional. It’s only in between mother child where love is unconditional upto an extent. So the picture is quiet tricky where we are not able to make out the true sense of love. Best way is to look at everyone with a loving heart without any selfish motives.

Beauty of Calmness

People want to do so many things in life and accomplish their goals. A small tip to this is to keep our mind calm in whatever we do. May it be a big task or a small job. If we try to be calm and peaceful while doing it, the results will be far far better than expected. The beauty of a work is attained through calmness.

Rather than being stressed, rude and chaotic while working we should try to enjoy what we do. With the help of calmness we can do even those things which we might not like to. The results will be awesome and the capability of performing tasks can increase upto a great extent.

Keeping ourselves calm can give great ideas in work, patience, concentration, expected results, and the most important thing good health.

The question is how to remain calm ?

Do only what is needed and is important to do.

Spend more time with people whom you like.

Save some time of the day for yourself and enjoy me time.

Yoga and meditation helps a lot.

Just concentrating on breathing pattern.

So, try to be calm so that you can handle yourself well in every possible situation.

Just Act Not React

The best life skill i think is keep going with the flow of life. Actions need to be taken on time. Thoughts are continuously running in our minds and we don’t know how to give a break to them. Some people have verbal diarrhoea, and some have mental diarrhoea. Lot of amoung us have a habit of thinking and thinking and it keeps on going which has no end to it. Which invites bad health both mentally and physically.

So the best remedy to it is always be in action. We should keep ourselves active in fruitful tasks. Whatever the moment, keep responding to it with unlimited responsibility, as it will never come back again.

Whenever something out of the track happens, we start reacting to it immediately without understanding the why behind it. Reacting to things will never help, instead try to understand it and take the required action. Always remember all situations coming to our lives is to teach us a lesson. So learn from them and make yourself a more responsible and strong person.

Life Mantra


Life is a continuous process of situations. These situations will come and go. What happened today at a particular moment will never ever be repeated again. So it is in our hands how to react to these situations. No moment is fixed it will go and the next moment will come.  Just keep playing your roles by fulfilling the responsibilities. Don’t expect but accept the situations.

What are we getting out of this life? Running after things one after the other. Still not satisfied .Finally what we want is the mental peace and happiness. All of us have a different definition of happiness. Some get it from money which will never be satisfied. Some from doing things they like. So basically it happens if you get what you want. And you keep running after it till you get it. In this process stress , anger, anxiety is created.

Happiness can never be felt from the activities happening outside. It is all temporary. It is something which is inbuilt in us. Don’t try to find it outside. Since our childhood it’s our basic nature but the problem is we have forgotten this nature of us, taking life too seriously. Achieving goals are very important but there should be dedication and not stress. Work hard with full involvement. Give your best. Don’t create stress.

Be what you are


It’s the most important characteristic of our personality. Fake expressions and conversations doesn’t work for too long. Be naturalistic in what ever you do. If you don’t like something then express your self. Your likings are not meant for people to know, but it should automatically be shown. Which is only possible if you don’t fake your face. Your agreements and disagreements should be noticed… So that people cannot take disadvantage of you. No expectations from others to accept the way you are. But should feel fulfilled from within with your views. Opinions should only be followed if you agree to them. Believing on something people tell you through different kinds of stories will not work for too long and the life will get confusing. So don’t give up easily on your thoughts and views , rather try to find a reason behind each and everything. If you like to watch TV please do. If you like to do gardening it’s your choice. Don’t wait for peoples acceptance and appreciation.

Being what you are from inside will help you to get more transparency in your relationships. As Relationship should be nurtured with utmost care. If today you say one lie you are surely inviting trouble for yourself. Never be afraid of telling the truth as in future it will give you immense peace and clarity of thought. Try to be as clear and pure as water and the life will be as simple as that.

Do what you desire


What is that which is operating our mind , body and thoughts too. Accomplishment of what gives us happiness, what helps us achieve our goals and why are we living this life? Lot of questions but answer to this is only one.

In one word the answer is “desire”. Lot of spiritual people say that we should detach ourself from the outer world which is all nonsense. It’s better not to live rather then to be detached with the world. If we want to live in this world then there should be some desire. Without desire it’s like a driver who don’t know where to go.

The desire should be that much strong that when I want to do something I should think that my whole life depends on achieving this work. A player will kick the ball with full force if he has the desire to goal. He or she should think that it’s not possible to survive without it.

Do what gives you happiness. Don’t do what people want you to do. Otherwise u will never be successful in you work and your life will keep moving aimlessly. You should work on the desire of yourself and not others.

Nurture the roots

While planting a tree the most important thing you take care of is, the roots. If the roots are damaged or week, then the tree will not survive. Roots are the base of a plant , taking care of it with fertilisers and proper attention will help it to grow in a healthy manner. Don’t think of the fruits , when the time will come it will drop automatically.

Future depends a lot on how you were born and brought up since childhood. What kind of Sanskars are given to you, family environment, school, friends, etc. If a child is pampered and given whatever he or she wants, then it will be difficult for him to cope up or adjust with the situations in life and he will never be able to accept other people s opinions. Therefore , no matter what happens, the child should never be pampered unnecessarily.

If we really want to nurture the child we have to give them good values. Values are not gifts that we give, and they accept it. We should exhibit these values in our own personalities, which is the only way they can learn. If we keep on saying them things, by repeating again and again, they will go in reverse direction. Rather we should keep quite and show such traits in our own personalities. The trick will automatically work.

No matter what we do to teach or give them good education they will learn as the situation demands. They should have the urge to accomplish their goals, a reason for why they want to become something . This ‘why’ is very important for them as it gives them fuel to work for the desired goals. There should be a purpose. Don’t push them. Therefore, if proper care is taken then, the plant grows into a tree and it will definitely shed fruits and give shade.