Ego kills

The worst enemy of a person is ego. If a person gives importance only to self, then he or she becomes blind in their opinions towards others. The judgement of such people will be self centred and can look only for their own well being. An egoistic person has anger and dominance. All these vices will destroy the person from within. It’s like a slow poison or a termite which cannot be seen outside. But in long time it makes you hollow from inside or almost kills you.

A self centred person will never be able to understand other persons view. Such people has respect only for their own views. They don’t give importance to others.

Proud, anger, selfishness, self importance and attachment to materialistic things are the qualities of an egoistic personality. All these seems to make a person strong from outside, but the reality is that they are the weakest and fearful of all.

A person may have lot of good qualities in himself but this one vice of egoism can spoil the whole personality. All the other good qualities will become faded if egoism is not treated. Therefore, What we need is ‘will power’ and ‘want’ to change ourselves. Nothing is impossible if we want to do it. But understanding the importance of this want for change is very important. It may seem difficult as the habit of being selfish is very enjoyable. To be self centred is very easy, but to sacrifice things for others seems difficult for such a person.

Nobody enjoys the company of such people. If people are staying away from us and are not comfortable , then we should understand that there is something wrong with us. Try to mend as fast as possible otherwise it becomes your nature and then cannot be changed after a long time.

Being down to earth, sacrificing for others, understanding people and respect, can make us all an ideal human being. That’s the way we should be. Check your karma s and be alert of all these enemies entering your domain.


Know the truth of life

Taking birth as a human being means we are blessed with such qualities , through which we can create wonders on earth. And that’s the reason we have come here. Otherwise, there would be no need to take birth.

* We need to achieve something which we want to or for what we all have come to,

* learn something which lacks in us,

* extend help to those who need us.

So one point is clear that each one has a life goal for which we all have taken birth. At some point of time, through different situations, it becomes clear, what exactly we need to do.

Now, If we are given this opportunity and responsibility, then why to waste this precious time. What ever situations come to us, we need to do batting or handle them with the required speed, control and concentration. If we know this art to handle different scenes coming one after the other then we can create a beautiful movie to remember.

Learn the art to manage the inner being. This is possible through experiences and self enlightenment. And especially, it will happen only when we want it for ourself. We need to understand, what role enlightenment play s and what it means to life?

⚜️An enlightened person has the following qualities:

-such a person can handle any kind of situation in life with ease.

-explore the true identity of self.

-first love self and then spread it to others.

-no attachment to material things.

-can create their own life, the way they want it to be.

-clarity of mind.

Ans must be many more.

I think this is the most beautiful experience which can happen to someone. So we all should keep making efforts to move towards this path of life and one day we all will achieve the true happiness.

Faith on karma

During the difficult times of life people run after the most powerful energy, that is god. If something wrong happens with someone, people will sympathise and say, have faith in god. People start praying at that time and our visits to the temples becomes frequent. What’s the result? Nobody can stop whatever is happening as it is the result of the your karmas. God can always give us strength to face such situations, but we cannot avoid facing them.

Best thing to believe in and have faith on is our own karmas. Whatever is happening in our lives is the outcome of the karma which we have performed in the past. If we have this knowledge of, what is the ideal way to think , act and say then our future life will become clean and painless. Give importance to three things in life….first, the way we think, second, the action and third, the way we speak.

Have faith in karmas and we don’t need to worship or go to the temples. Our thoughts should be as clean and pure as water, actions should be such, that did not harm others and speech should be as sweet that people should love to sit with us for endless hours. If we take care of these things then we don’t need to desire to live in heaven as we can make it on our own.

Make karma your life mantra. Make efforts to work upon yourself. Concentrate on what you do, and perform it in the best way possible.

Believe in yourself 👍

Be determined

Often we have noticed, when we are happy we have so much of strength in us, and when obstacles occur in our life, we become weak. Why is it so? If we have decided to achieve something , then we should have a strong positive behaviour towards our goals. Don’t look back. No one can stop you if you don’t want to stop yourself. Have your leash in your own hands. Don’t let the outer situations control you. Getting carried away, with the situations happening around us, is the wrong behaviour.

We need to create positive thoughts within ourselves. And give the same effect to the people around us too. Our aura should be such that no matter what the situation is , but the negative thoughts won’t be able to touch us. We need to overcome the fear, in order to do what we need to do. Fear will take us nowhere, whereas will power is the only way to achieve what we want.

The negative situations which are coming through our way is to make us into a fine piece of jewel. As a goldsmith has to beat the gold metal in order to carve it into a unique piece of jewellery. In the same way god gives pain only to those whom he wants to become strong and beautiful internally as well as externally.

If Moksh is the ultimate goal of a person, then he or she has to be ready to bear the pain happily in order to balance the past karmas. Once all the accounts are cleared, then there will be a smooth way ready towards the path of Mukti for us.

Therefore, determination and will power will take us towards the way where we can attain our highest and most important goals of life.

Choose not to be a beggar, but a ‘giver’.

These days almost everybody has complains about their relationships. Parents are unhappy with their children and vice versa, and in the same way other relations like, husband and wife, grandparents and grandchildren, friends and even neighbours have complaints with each other. We all have such a self oriented life that we hardly care what each one of us is doing. Everyone is in their own world enjoying loneliness which results into a kind of emptiness within us. We don’t realise this initially, but after a long time the outcome of such kind of a life will be very dangerous.

So, we need to break this unpleasant life style and stay together as much as possible. This togetherness will give us immense pleasure. But to experience it we need to change ourself and create such an environment where everyone would love to stay close for a longer period of time.

We all are often faking are relationships saying that we are happy with it. And even if we say we are not, we always try to ask how to improve relationship with the other person? But the real question should be.. how to improve relations with self. We are bothered about others but not about our own self. A person who is himself lost… cannot give directions to others.

We are hiding our own true self and leading a false life, so is the other person. So these two person can never gel and have a heart to heart relationship. So what all we do is just communication . And in this great scientific world it’s possible through emails and messages. Nobody has time for each other. The communication is just good morning and bye and the day is gone.

Unless we don’t know who we really are.. we cannot enjoy our own company. And that’s the reason we keep looking for friends, so that we can release our tensions and pressures on them. We need someone to talk, a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to us. We need to enjoy our own company, and from that day we will stop wandering. The day we are able to do this, we are ready to handle a relationship in true sense.

The best relationship is where you do not expect anything from others and is always ready to deliver your best.

when we are relating to god. We always ask god to bless us and fulfill our desires which is not the basis of love. Rather just thank god for what he has given us.

Therefore, In any relationship choose not to be a beggar, but a giver.

Humility is the best policy

Every human being has its own importance in this world. Each one of us has something unique which make us different from each other. Inspite of certain good qualities, if a person is being down to earth, and does not show his or her importance, then that’s being modest in true sense.

I believe being humble is a feel good factor. We experience happiness within ourselves and give the same to others. It is the best kind of manure to nurture any kind of relationship. It is the asset, for all the successful people. Each one of us would love to be with a humble person rather than an arrogant one.

Humility leads to faster self improvement. If we develop humbleness as our nature, we can explore numerous other hidden qualities inside us. It’s like showering love on everyone and getting the same in return. Such a person is never ashamed of doing any kind of work. They can do any job from smallest to biggest without any fear.

Humbleness draws you closer to god. It gives us a link through which we can connect with god easily. But unfortunately humbleness in our society is not taken positively, rather people who are humble are considered to be as weak. How often have we heard people admitting their mistake? Not really, people are not ready to accept their mistake and instead trying to take a position of pride by doing wrong deeds.

The simplest way is to confess. If you are ashamed to confess in front of everyone, then other way is to do it when you are alone. It will make a lot of difference in yourself. So, believe in humbleness and make it a Sanskar of your life.

Self-confidence comes from truthfulness

It came to my mind when I realised it within myself. Generally people are more comfortable telling lies, as it gives them certain protection from facing the truth and in a way temporary happiness. Such people can never be confident and the lie will always show on their face. There will be some kind of hesitation while communicating with others which they will try to hide.So people who are self confident are always clear with their thoughts. A fake communication can prevail only for some time, but truth will always win in the end. Telling lies is a natural human behaviour to save oneself from the results of it. Try to be honest naturally, inhibit honesty in your thinking, actions and reactions. It’s very difficult, as it needs lots of courage to face the truth but the end result is as good as you want your life to be.So how does truth helps in life? You are fearless if you are honest. But one lie can lead to 100 more lies and you can be trapped in your own web. So why do we want to do it to ourself. Its a suffering which no one can cure. Truthfulness in relationships makes life easier to live and we become closer to each other. A great bonding is possible through truth and honesty. It gives an internal satisfaction in being honest. We should definitely give it a try and see what changes it will bring to our lives. So, either learn from your mistakes or be ready for the consequences.

Rejuvenate through mantras

If we want to relax mentally, then chanting mantras can be very effective. If we make a point to chant certain mantras daily, it gives us immense power and charges our brain and body as well, for the whole day. Mantra s can be said loudly or silently. Repeating them loudly will focus concentration on sound and repeating internally, the inner sound becomes the object of concentration. So if at all we believe in god then, the real way of pleasing god is with mantras. It creates vibrations in our body, which energises us. Mantra s can be used for specific purpose like, spiritual development , healing diseases or attainment of worldly desires. The power of mantra increases as the repeating of them increase. We should pay careful attention- To the speed and rhythm of chanting.-The correct pronunciation. -The aim.-Meaning of the mantra. Mala can be used to count the number of times we are chanting. It improves our concentration and helps to keep a track on how many times we have chanted. Mantra meditation increases concentration, improves memory and focus. Physically it lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and heals, rejuvenates and relaxes.It builds self confidence and self empowerment, reduces stress and balances the emotions. It is a path towards self realisation and wisdom. There is an increased flow of oxygen and blood in our brain while reciting mantras. Now the question is why to repeat them 108 times. So there’s a logic behind this figure. There are total 108 energy lines which are said to intersect to the main energy centres called the chakras. In 108, 1 stands for god or higher truth, 0 that is shunya stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity. So without thinking much , discover the power of mantras within and charge yourself internally and externally.

Success is not Happiness

We are often confused with the thought that happiness is related to success. If someone has achieved what they want in their life we say they are successful. But at the same time all successful people are not necessarily happy. There are lot of people who are not able to do what they want in their life due to some reasons , but still are happier and enjoying their lives. Don’t compete or compare with others. Never allow people to dictate you the definition for your success. It’s something which will happen naturally if we are joyful.Happiness lies within us. And we are finding it outside among people, material things and situations. We are trying to create such situations which will give us happiness. The fact is, if we love what we are doing than, that’s real happiness. There are lot of negative situations and people we come in contact with. Let go! Is the only solution to it. This does not mean to hate them, But letting the situations go, will allow us to love ourself and others.It’s our thinking that makes us happy and not the things that we have. Have you ever noticed that we feel more happy when we give something to others rather than when we get something. Happiness comes always from our heart. There’s nobody who can make us joyful or sad. It’s our own creation. So, our happiness should never be dependent on our success, as success will automatically come to us when we are happy.

Get what you want? Or want what you get?

We all have some desires which we want to fulfill. Now these desires can be fulfilled by working upon them constantly. Keep that single thought in your mind throughout… what you want from life. Work upon it and don’t give up. Nobody can stop you if you don’t stop yourself .

Our destiny is in our own hands. That’s why we say always think good. As wrong thoughts can cause disaster in our life. Sometimes what we think for others may happen with us. Therefore, clarity of thought is very important. If you have a strong desire of something then may be late or early but, it will come to you some day .

Mere thinking will not work. Keep on reminding yourself of the goal. Efforts and hard work and patience are must. Don’t give up. Push yourself out of the comfort zone.

On the other hand….success is getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get. Sometimes not getting what we want can be the most valuable experience of our life. So happiness is not always getting what you want but it’s loving what you get. So it’s like we have to be satisfied with what we have. I think happiness is in doing what u want and not, in getting things.

Therefore, we need to decide whether “we want” or “we accept”?”