Ignite the fire within

Lots of people among us dream of achieving certain goals in our lives. We keep on thinking about how to achieve them, and make efforts too. But that’s not enough. Trust me… till the fire inside is not ignited we can never achieve our goals.

Now the question is, why do we want to reach to a certain point or achieve something ? There should be a strong reason behind that. Only money cannot motivate us. For some it may be money, for some it may be fame, and for some it may be other factors like happiness, peace, etc.

Goals which are achieved for money doesn’t give us long term satisfaction while goals which are achieved for internal happiness will give us immense satisfaction.

I know making people happy around us, give us happiness. Some of us are working whole day just to make others happy. Each day when we get up, we think of how we can make our boss happy, or husband, wife, kids, friends, etc. In the process of making all of them happy, where is our happiness gone. So… we keep on diverting from our ultimate goals and waste our life s precious time.

Rather than thinking of all this. We should find out what we actually want from our lives. Our life is too short. Each and every second is precious which will never come back. Therefore, find out what do we actually want from our life and ignite the fire of feelings within.

When we do meditation or have a relaxed mind we can think best without any influences around us. That’s the best time to ask yourself what we actually want from our life. Once we get the correct idea, start following it and experience infinite happiness.


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