Luck or karma?

Karma is the action which we are performing in our daily life, the thoughts which we are creating for others and ourself, and the speech or language which we use. These thoughts, speech and action all together makes our karma.

Lot of people these days are concentrating more on destiny. Asking questions like, how lucky they are? Which means, to find out their luck they are dependent on astrology. They rely more on astrologers for their future and past, which I think is waste of time and money.

Whatever we have sown, we will definitely reap that. If this logic is clear in our minds then we don’t need to ask or rely on anyone for why certain things are happening with us, and why certain things are not happening. If we just concentrate on what we should do and what we should not do, then life will be more easy to understand.

We are taking life for granted, that whatever is written in our destiny will happen. But no, the truth is, whatever we want will happen and no one can change that for sure. But that want should be there.

Therefore, a person can be unlucky, but can create its own luck by building efforts towards the goals. Whereas, having a good luck doesn’t mean that all good things will happen to that person. If a person is not concerned about good and bad karmas then, even the good luck won’t work.

So, luck is the permutations and combinations of possibilities and karma is the cause and effect. We should always believe in what we are doing and do it consciously. We will definitely reap the benefits.


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