Chanting mantras

There are such sounds which benefit our physical ,mental, and spiritual health. These sounds are called as mantras which if we keep repeating again and again, it gives us lot of benefits. We all know about Aum sound which is the starting sound of almost all the mantras. Aum itself is so powerful that if we chant it alone we can experience heaven on earth. 
Instead of Aum , the correct way of chanting is aaaaa ouuuuu mmmm. It will give you immense pleasure and repeatation of it purifies your soul. Your body and mind feels lighter from inside. It is not necessary that you say only Aum , in fact any mantra with which we are comfortable repeating it, can be as useful as we want it to be.
Correct pronunciations are very important. In Sanskrit the sounds are given more importance. Because sounds are the unique way of healing our minds and purifying our souls. So be careful about the sounds while chanting the mantras. We should know the meaning of the mantras we chant, otherwise they won’t be effective at all. Knowing what they mean makes them interesting and more effective.

Chanting is purely a feeling of bliss. We become thoughtless and our mind becomes fresh. It’s very good for the overall health of our body. They are full of positive energy. Chanting mantras give more oxygen to brain , good for reducing heart rate and blood pressure too.
So why not select any one mantra in our life and make a point of chanting it whenever we feel like , and see what difference it makes in the quality of our lives.


Ego your enemy

Can u imagine what all things ego can do to a person? What is ego. I, me , myself. Giving importance to self, being self centred ,etc. How does it feel? To few of us it feels great… thinking only of self which is selfishness. We get nothing out of this except temporary satisfaction and happiness from fulfilling our wants.

Life is worth when we live for the happiness of others and not for ourselves. That’s the real enjoyment. Leave egoism and go further. Egoism has no value in life and will fetch you nothing whereas living for the happiness of others will give you ultimate joy.
Thinking nothing for yourself and showering love to others….Is pure bliss. Only those who are satisfied with whatever they have with them can enjoy this bliss otherwise they keep on moving in the vicious circle of Moh and Maya , which is a never ending process and will give nothing except stress, worry , anxiety, loneliness, anger, hurt, etc.
When a person has ego, his body is full of the above negative aspects. He is ill mentally as well as physically. So why not leave such silly things , which are of no use and go further to see wonderful things that are waiting for us in life.
Don’t worry about your likes and dislikes. It’s of no use . Generally we always like somebody whose unlike us…and we enjoy more with them. If something happens it’s because of me and if it doesn’t happen then too it’s because of me. Do things for others with the feeling of love.
Ego will create only obstacles in life. Leave it, it’s your enemy.

Faith is the Guru

We all have so many dreams, and we wish them to come true some day. If we have faith in what we want to achieve in our lives it will be fulfilled in any circumstances. Faith is the pillar which supports us to accomplish whatever we want for ourselves and others too. 
If you have faith in a doctor, their medicines will work better, and if not you won’t be satisfied with the treatments. If you have faith in astrology the predictions will turn out to be true. The gem stones work really well if you have trust on them, otherwise they are just some other piece of stone. And the most important in this world….God will only support you, if you have faith.

Have faith in your thoughts, they will definitely change into words. Have faith in what you say to others, it will surely come into action . Trust in your actions, and it will automatically give you results. 
Faith gives you strength to fight against bad times. Make it your friend so that it helps you in ups and downs of life. So, its the Guru you need in your life to learn lessons on each and every step.It’s just like your mother which helps you throughout whenever you need her. So hold it’s hand and make the journey of life beautiful and successful.

It’s very simple… just believe in what you think. 

Gardening, the best stress buster!

Do you like to get your hands dirty in the garden? 
No! Then u must do it, it’s one of the best remedy to cure stress.You must be wondering, how gardening can help me, get out of stress. Believe me.. it’s one of the best medicines for stress you have ever thought of.

When we put our hands in soil, the bacteria present in it triggers the serotonin levels in our brain. It is also called as a happy chemical which acts as an anti-depressant . It also strengthens our immunity system.

Going to the garden, watering the plants, doing plantation, looking at the colourful flowers, smelling them, plucking the fruits and eating them fresh, adding fertilisers to the plants,etc gives us immense joy and satisfaction. It feels like we are doing something worthwhile.We are all aware of the benefits plants are giving us. Then why not do it?

Its a kind of workout which is good for your brain as well as body. It relaxes our brain muscles and makes us thoughtless, enhances our mood and makes us happy.

So without thinking too much just go gardening, and kill the stress inside you. 

Hard work or smart work?


There are people who are working hard but still don’t get the desired results. I think in each and every persons life it happens at times… we regret, we worked so hard but still didn’t achieved the goal.

And then people wonder why things are not happening? They make destiny responsible for their failure or sometimes the horoscope too comes in picture. Do you think really all these things matter ? Not really..

Changing the way of work can matter a lot. Taking right action at the right time will help achieving our goals. Working for just few hours qualitatively and finish the task makes more sense. Take time for yourself and relax. It will increase the productivity of work. Working hard on your dreams and working smart on the choices you make will matter a lot. If any failure comes, learn from it and keep going

But the most important thing is that only those people who have done hard work, can do smart work. So, both he things should work simultaneously as the task will be incomplete without each other.

No! No! to gossiping


It’s one of the favourite pass times amongst people. Whether it’s office , home , even temples , while talking on phone , or sitting with a friend in a restaurant….. most of us are doing it. Its totally waste of time and energy. And we gain nothing out of this except adding to our bad karmas. People who enjoy gossiping is like an addiction to them without which their day cannot end.

It is the worst thing we should do as it is ruining our relationships, our lifestyles and health too.I would suggest that we should not gossip and if possible stay ever away from people who do that. Exchanging wrong thoughts about people, will not help us at all. Its really affecting our health badly and giving us stress.

Now a days lot of people are becoming aware and avoid getting involved , but a large number of them still need to understand. Don’t waste time. Talking good about people is very difficult and need lot of efforts, but if we start practicing it , we will notice a great positive change in our personalities. You feel so light and relaxed from inside when you think good of people. And if we think good , definitely we speak good about them.

Best way to stay away from it is keeping ourselves busy and being easy.

Wanna be the happiest person?


As soon as the word happiness comes to our minds we think of lot of options which can make us happy. Some people will say may be their dream car or house can make them happy. Few will say when I do shopping it makes me happy. Getting good marks makes me happy and the list is long like going on a holiday, meeting friends and partying, phew!

But I think the real happiness lies in giving happiness to others. If you can make at least one person happy in a day your day will become worth. Forgetting our own selfish needs and sharing things with others who really are in need of them.. will give us true happiness. It is not necessary that only through money you can give happiness to people, but listening to their problems and understanding them too, can give them happiness. Especially, old people in our houses and even in old age homes who are living life without their families.
People don’t have time to spend with them but few hours or even minutes spent with them can give a big smile on their faces.

Just sit in silence and think how much you have and how much you want. Do you really want it and will it make any difference in your life…. things can never give you satisfaction. It’s like an addiction which you feel like taking again and again, and one day you will realise that everything is useless.

Only your karma will go with you when you die otherwise everything is waste. So keep giving happiness to people and you will get it back automatically.
Shower your love on others and see how happy you can become in your life.

A thoughtless mind is the best workshop


Hahaha…you must have heard of the phrase, an empty mind is the devils workshop. Yes it’s correct. As a person sits idle he becomes lazy and looks for short cuts, which lead to wrong methods of working.

On the other hand a thoughtless mind is the best way to work. Keeping our minds stress free and working on our tasks makes sure that we achieve our goals very smoothly and quickly. If a person is given a task and he or she takes too much stress into finishing it then it will never give the required results. And again we will get stressed. So the cycle of stress goes on and on.

Keeping our minds thoughtless is like we experiencing heaven on earth. Now it’s in our own hands how we want it. A thoughtless mind can work wonders in your life. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to be thoughtless. It is not necessary that it will happen at once. But reminding your self again and again will train your mind. Let the thoughts come and go…as we can’t stop them. But don’t start collecting them otherwise your mind will soon become a garbage box.

A thoughtless mind is the best medicine for sleeplessness, stress, indigestion, pitta in body, heart diseases ,diabetes , blood pressure , obesity and the list gonna be longer and longer. Why to welcome these enemies? If we have this simple remedy with us.

So from now onwards go thoughtless…..and enjoy life

Motivation is the best medicine


Bravo! Great! Excellent! should be the words used for the development of a child or an adult. Encouragement is the only dose which can help people built themselves in a confident manner. That doesn’t mean that you don’t correct them when they are wrong, but should explain them the circumstances of what they are doing. Even a small child will do a work faster and better if you encourage them continuously. The same happens with an adult.

It’s so easy and doesn’t cost , it’s free. Hehe… so why not give it to everybody who’s there in our lives. Keep yourself happy too by encouraging self. If there’s nobody to give you enough inspiration then take support of your own. You are the best judge for yourself. Take decisions and implement them by motivating yourself in each and every step.

People can work wonders if they are shown the right path and encouraged to follow it. God has given us such strength that if we discover it and use it wisely, we can achieve lot of goals very easily in our life. People run after astrology when ever they are in trouble but is it the right cure for the problems? Astrology is just for our guidance, we shouldn’t rely on it fully. In the end what matters is how you perform in your difficult times. Work can only be done by doing it. So get ready to face the challenges and keep motivating.