Doubts are good

Doubt means looking for something you don’t know about. It’s good. If we don’t have doubts we won’t be learning new things. Therefore, being doubtful is not dangerous. But suspicion is our enemy. It is not good. People with small mind are suspicious about everybody around them. Such people are clueless what to do in their lives. Being suspicious is a kind of disease. Which if not taken care of can be dangerous.

Generally, people take you for a ride to fulfill their selfish means. Which in one way is good for you. You learn your life lessons during these rides. Don’t get angry or suspicious with such people but say thank you to them as they are making you learn from your mistakes. We should never ask from anyone, for things we don’t deserve. It will give us only sufferings and nothing else. We will be in trouble, as we get things we are not ready for. It doesn’t suit our present life.

Lets be more matured, and then things will come automatically to us. Manipulating situations to get something you want can put you into great trouble. Let the flow of life take you wherever according to your abilities. Thank people who are there around you, helping you to make you a better person.

So, be doubtful but not suspicious. Doubts can take you to the heights of success. It’s the one of the important mantra s to gain knowledge. On the other hand, suspicion can be equally dangerous for our life.


Roses or thorns?

There are variety of people all around. And no one is similar. There s difference in their looks, behaviour, likes, dislikes, dressing, etc. The way of thinking also differs as people have different opinions on different things. Things which are good in our view, may be bad in someone else’s view. So how can we judge them?

No need to judge a person as everyone is correct in their own perspective. They have their own reasons to prove themselves right. One should know the difference between right and wrong. If we know the do’s and don’t s of life, but still ignore them.. then we are responsible for selecting the roses or thorns for ourselves.

Whatever situations are coming to our life are for our betterment. Like, the dirty clothes are washed in the washing machine by twisting and turning, and then they come out to be clean. Same way we should not be afraid of these twists and turns in our life’s as it’s for our own good. All the situations which are coming to our life, are to make us pure and blissful.

We meet lot of people in our day to day life. Each one has something good and something bad in them. Now, we need to see what we want to gain from them? Absorbing all the good things will add to our personality and help us in becoming a better human being. Learning bad things is very easy…needs no training, but gives results which can spoil our life, and there s no escape to it.

Therefore, accept whatever comes to your life happily. Always catch good things from people , ignore the negative qualities. As roses always have thorns with it. Nothing is perfect.

How old are you?

We have often heard, that with old age comes wisdom. But it’s not necessary, that all the elderly people take decisions wisely. Even after experiencing so much in life, and learning lessons they are still not able to accept the truth of life. So it’s not important that grey hair necessarily shows wisdom.

We as human beings need to understand, that life is to teach us lessons and we should accept them and correct our mistakes. If we are not taking these lessons seriously then life is simply a mess. Example, we often see even old aged people drinking, smoking and doing all those things which a person should learn from experience and never repeat it. They know the side effects but still don’t care and suffer throughout their old age.

We generally hear people saying that, we don’t have time for worship. This is all for old age. Not true. Bhakti can be done since childhood and it will reap you benefits in your old age. But what is Bhakti or true worship? This I have already discussed in my previous blog named, ‘Real worship’. Where worship is not lighting Diya s in front of god, but it’s our deeds or karmas which we are doing. Karma done with right emotions and thoughts is true Bhakti.

Elderly people should share good thoughts because of their sweet and bitter experiences. The feeling while sitting with them should be as pure as water. Then only we can say, experience counts.

So, the question is, how we want to be in our 60’s? It will all depend on our present. No financial plans, nothing will work. The only thing which will help is our karmas, which should be taken care of since childhood.

Be Energetic

Whatever we are doing whether it’s our job or business, playing with kids, helping people…in short fulfilling our responsibilities…don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. Full involvement and dedication by heart is very important. If we do tasks half heartedly than we may get results sometime but not as perfect as we have expected them to be.

When we work with our soul that is, not only physical involvement but mental too, and especially with our full conscious, then nobody can stop us from achieving what we want. So, the essence is to work, live and grow energetically.

We need to rewire our brain. Which is possible only by charging ourselves through meditation. Meditating daily helps us give good thoughts, connects us with that supreme soul and sets us free from the waste thoughts coming to our minds. It gives us a new insight into our lives. We become absolutely a different personality. People around us should feel happy when we are with them, and most important.. we should feel happy within ourself. If these two things our happening then we are going towards the correct path.

Meditation itself too needs a lot of dedication and patience. As time passes by, we see that we are changing into a person which we have dreamt of. A few more tips for being energetic are:

*Don’t waste energy in gossiping about others.

*Spend me time with yourself and sit in silence for at least 10 minutes.

*Live with enthusiasm and empathy.

*Eat, drink and sleep in a healthy manner.

*Forgive everyone for everything.

Therefore, recharging your energies is essential, so that everything around you goes well….our work, our home, and most important our life.

Real worship

Who has created this universe? God or that supreme energy is the manager of everything. So, what should be the correct way to worship him. He is not pleased by money donations or food which we make as Prasad. Real Bhakti is important, and we need to understand it.

The life which is given to us by the creator is a continuous process. We think it will end one day. But it’s never ending till our karmas are finished. And the cycle of birth and death continues. So there should be no fear of death. As our life will go on and on till we reach to the stage of Moksh.

We have separated god from us. We always look up in the sky or in the statues in search of god. But actually it’s in our own self. We have separated god from ourself that’s the reason god is away from us.

Have we ever seen oxygen which is life giving…But we know that it’s a form, and can give and take life from us. Same way god is an energy which cannot be seen and can only be felt. If we form a close relationship with god, then only our life can blossom like a flower.

We all cry when something bad happens with us. Even Arjuna cried on the battlefield but he cried not for himself, but for others. His grief was selfless. Thats real worship. Whatever is given by god should be accepted by us without any regrets. Then only we will blossom like a flower. Have faith in your karma. Whatever we have done will get back to us, so accept it.

Never ask or cry in front of god. That’s real worship. If someone scolds you or you are tensed, do you go crying in front of your kids. No, you always show a happy face in front of them. Treat god as you treat your children. Never ask for anything or cry.

What ever you do, do it selflessly. That’s real worship of god.

Breathe consciously

What are the things we give importance to in our life? All the other things except our breath. We have never thought of paying attention to our breath. We think it’s a normal process…big deal! ! Why it’s important, it’s something very natural to us. But the fact is, if we don’t breathe we are dead. It is the most essential aspect of our life. We can only be alive or dead because of it.

So this energy which is inside our body can create wonders if we pay attention to it. It has a beauty of its own. If we pay attention to our breath through yoga, It can take us to a long way.

We all want a bigger piece of cake and keep experiencing something extraordinary in life. So for this we need to expand our perspective of life. If we master the art of breathing and go beyond the physical existence of life then all our sufferings will come to an end.

The speed at which we breathe tells us about the length of our life. If we breathe fast our life will be shortened. Slowing down of breath has a soothing effect on our emotional state too.

Breathing has a sound of its own. According to upanishads, the sound of breath is ‘so’ during inhalation and ‘ham’ during exhalation. So, concentrate on this sound and create wonders within you.

According to WHO by 2020 depression and anxiety will be the number one disability in a person. In this digital world where everyone is on their phones…we need to divert our mind and pay attention to something fruitful. Breath is like the oil in a car. For smooth functionality we need to check the oil, otherwise the engine will get seized.

Therefore, when we pay attention to our breath, we feel we are different from our body and mind. We feel as if we are an energy which has no relation with this body, except the role of a driver. As soon as we start experiencing this separation, all our sufferings and anxieties come to an end.

Experience and Believe

There are lots of wrong beliefs which people follow and knowledge which people share with us. It’s not necessary to believe in all of them or follow them blindly. In our daily life , we meet lot of people who share their experiences with us. We should listen to them, but believe only after we ourself experience it.

For example, When our kids are young there comes so many advices from everyone around us. And well, We follow quiet of them. Someone said to do this, other said, no it should be some other way. Trying almost everything on them, and one day, We found out that not everything works on everyone. We all are different from each other, Still we do it. But after so many experiences we should learn, don’t follow blindly to what people say, find out a reason behind everything. Experience it and then believe it. That’s true knowledge for everyone.

In our country, we and especially village people believe in so many superstitions. But in the end whatever happens, happens the way it is mend to be. Therefore, don’t waste life and time in such wrong practices. Believe only in yourself.

Experience truth and see how it feels.

Follow discipline and see how it changes your life.

Experience loving yourself and see how you build respect for yourself.

Meditate and explore the real self within you.

So, believing without experiencing is like doing without knowing. Instead, first gain knowledge, apply it practically into our life and see what’s the difference between the two experiences.

True freedom

The way a bird lives is true freedom. The first sound we hear in the morning is the chirping of birds. The discipline they follow in their lives. We need to learn from their lives,how to live freely. Getting up early in the morning and taking care of their younger ones. Searching food for them…

A bird sitting on the branch of a tree, is never afraid of breaking of the branch. Why? Because it has full faith on its own wings. We should also have faith on ourself, and know what is best for us.

Keep on trying till you succeed. How a bird tries to fly…it falls down again and again but still keep trying till it learns to fly. We too need failures in order to discover our inner strengths.

We all love freedom. Fly like a bird. The grace it carries while flying. No fear of falling. Until and unless we don’t try to do something , we don’t really know how far we can go. Even if there’s rain or storm.. the birds have courage and they never give up.They enjoy the rain, and again try to fix their nests singing happily.

Freeing ourselves from the vices present inside us is true freedom. These vices are anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, stress, depression, ego, selfishness, comparison, competition, etc. All these vices are our real enemies. We have given our control to these enemies. And they are destroying our inner peace. What’s the solution to this? Fighting with all of them with full determination. No matter what happens in our life, we need to handle the situations with full determination.

Free your soul from the burdens which you are carrying. Enjoy life no matter what comes your way. No hatred, comparisons, jealously….. only happiness all around.

Therefore, we need to purify from inside, which will allow us to experience what true freedom means.

Create right emotions

Only thing we can gain from wrong emotions and thoughts is destruction of our inner self. Life is like an ocean which can never be stable. There are continous waves in it which shouldn’t affect us. Its your responsibility to take your boat safely till the shore no matter what happen.

If a person gets affected with these disturbances , it will become very difficult to cope up with life.

In order to come out of these emotions we need to give strength to ourselves. Making our mind strong enough to face the present as well as the coming situations in our life. Keep on moving and don’t stop, no matter what the situation is. One step backward can shake your innerself and you have to again gather strength and start from zero. Face the situations, take decisions and apply them by taking quick actions. This life is not to waste but to utilise each and every second of our day. Do constructive things which can affect your life as well as others life positively.

So keep emptying your brain of the wrong emotions or thoughts, so that good thoughts can take place. If your brain is full of waste thoughts then there will be no space for good thoughts to get in. But this is possible only if we have a want to do it. Nobody else can do this task for us. Keep your mind calm and peaceful and everything will become easy and smooth.

Love yourself, love your life, love whatever you do.

What’s the deal today?

We always want something in return of what we are doing for others and ourselves too. If we help someone then we expect them to help in return. What kind of deals we are making in our lives?Taking care of kids.. we want them to take care of us in old age. Working hard in business.. want maximum returns. And it happens even with god. People always go to the temples to ask something from god. There’s always a want. If that deal is done we are happy with god and it builds more faith, and if not then we keep loosing faith .

So what’s the problem? That’s the way everyone is dealing with their lives. Are we really getting something worthy from this kind of life? This way of life will really not take us anywhere. And it’s happening already. Instead of being successful in so many things, we have reached nowhere in life, except reaching stress, depression, unhappiness , unhealthy lifestyle.

I understand in life being practical, we need to do our job and business in a certain way. But we should keep god that supreme power away from such deals. Even if we are going to a temple or not we are always asking for something or the other from god. If not money, we ask for peace, happiness and joy… which is already a part of ourself. Let’s be away from this begging business. Keep accepting what life is giving to you.

Devote yourself not only to god but everything around us. Don’t expect anything in return. No expectations from kids , family, friends and not even with god. That is true yog, just pure union with everything possible around us.

Therefore, try making no more deals, only devotion.