Changing the vision

I would like to share my knowledge about how a person can change his or her vision. If we are trying to bring positive changes within ourselves, we need to work out with ourself from inside. Being positive from inside will definitely show results in our personality and affect our everyday life.

Let’s discuss in points so that it’s easy to understand.

1.We can start with following the rules. The rules can be any. Whether we go out or at home if we keep in mind to follow the rules of the place…Where ever we go, it will make a lot of difference. We just need to keep in mind…that any place I go in the world, I need to follow the rules of that place.

2.The moment in which we are living is fixed. Nobody can change this particular moment. And what are we doing? Instead of living in this particular moment which will never come back, we are discussing our past and future. There s no point in discussing things which have passed already. And future we cannot predict. So why not live our present moment to the fullest. Live like you gonna die tomorrow and see the difference.

3.Express your love and care towards others. Others not only include family and friends but also ,society, nation and people in the whole world. Loving animals, environment, and also nature will make you a different personality which people would love to be with. See everyone as a mother see towards her child.

4.last but not the least comes the responsibility, you should feel in such a way that your responsibility is unlimited no matter what the place is..and whoever the person is. Never run from your responsibilities.

Keeping all these points in mind can help a lot in changing our vision, which will definitely make us a better person.


Illusion of life

To understand illusion or what we call it as maya is very simple, let’s see…

It is money and all material things of life. We say it’s a kind of trap or “ maya Jaal” from which it is very difficult to come out. If life exists maya will definitely exist. So, there’s no escape.

But actually what is illusion?

As soon as we enter into this world we come in contact with the environment which includes everything we see around us. We start doing our karmas and enter this cycle of illusion. The house we live in, our family and kids, our friends and neighbours, the car we have, our bank balance, our addictions, relationships and almost every single thing which we would love to have is maya.

If we love to be with it then we should be ready for the circumstances and its consequences. We all are ready to face the consequences of being attached to this trap, but cannot live without it. So we keep on moving in this vicious circle continuously. And because of this circle we are not able to understand that in the end, it’s the energy within us that’s gonna go and come back and not our body and material things.

Therefore, we should all focus on the purification of our energy by purifying our thoughts and karmas.

Nurture the relationships

If there is life relationships are something which we cannot run from. First comes the relationships with ourself, then the family, friends and neighbours, society…. We are the most important being whom with we need to maintain a healthy and good understanding. Explore within yourself who you are and what kind of personality? Our likes and dislikes.There are many plus and minus points too on which we need to work.
Therefore, lots of mending keeps on happening throughout our life while walking on this journey. We learn from our mistakes and change ourselves into a better being.

After managing ourself, comes the family. If we know how to maintain good relationship with self, then it becomes easy to do it with the family and friends too. Understanding and let go are very important. One thing which is necessary is respect. First,we should have self respect and then only we are able to give respect to others. So, it’s an interconnecting process.

Keep giving as much as you can and don’t expect to get it back…sounds awkward? Yes,but that’s the most important part. If we learn this skill we can never fail with any kind of relationships and our journey of life will be full of beautiful memories to be cherished.

Free time! Me time!!

It’s very important for each of us to have some me time. It’s that time of the day, when we do what we want to do. Spending time with ourself leaves us refreshed for the whole day. It may be a walk, or reading a book, or just sitting on a swing and relaxing. But for me time, we need free time. So, Whats important is to take out time for ourselves. It’s important for everyone of us, even kids.

Do whatever you want and observe your increasing index of happiness. There will be a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. We feel recharged and all set to work for the whole day. It’s better if we start it early morning soon after waking up..or may be anytime during the day.

So it’s basically giving love to oneself… very true isn’t it? Love yourself first and then only you will be able to love others. It will make things easier, increase our productivity and recharge our energy. Just give half an hour per day and feel the magic inside and outside. It’s not the quantity but the quality time that matters. So note it down on your to do list. Now!

Experience Bliss

Bliss is the feeling of utmost happiness. Where to find it? Is it available online or have to go somewhere to search for it. Yes we are looking for bliss everywhere in all material things… but will never be able to experience it. All these material things around us can give us satisfaction of wants for some time and nothing else. And after that we search for something else to satisfy our wants and this process goes on and on. So, Instead of bliss it gives us a never ending stress.

So what’s the formula? Actually, we need to create this chemistry of joy within us. Bliss can be experienced anytime anywhere. Jus create it by the right mood and method. Wash away all the waste thoughts and make your soul fly like a bird. See how a bird or any other animal gets joy after jus eating food or feeding to their younger ones. But being humans our expectations are more than animals. And why not..being the smartest animal on earth we are given the privilege to do so. We are capable of inventing innumerable things but when it comes to bliss or happiness or joy… it becomes quite difficult for lot of us.

Finding joy in our day to day work is the best way to achieve it. If we don’t like the way of work we do then spend little time in doing things which gives us inner satisfaction. Don’t run after it and it will come to you automatically. Believe it or not, but you will be able to find it in such small things which you can never think of. You may get it by gardening, or feeding birds, or just observing nature….
So just,relax and seek your way towards bliss.

Earn it..

Respect can never be given or taken as a gift to someone. It needs to be earned. Age or kind of relationships doesn’t matter the level of respect. It is the efforts which counts. Showing Love, language used towards the person, let go attitude , behaviour, sacrificing things, understanding, caring, and I think lot of more things can be added to it.

So true, respect is not gained or received by just buying things or giving gifts to each other, but the emotions of a person should be valued. It takes lot of time to understand and build a healthy relationship. It’s pure give and take. You get what you give.

It can never be expressed in terms of words. It’s a natural gesture.

As far as disrespect is concerned, it’s too the same procedure. You get what you give. Children often disrespect parents because parents don’t respect them. After a certain age this comes in their habit, and they behave the same way. So in order to teach them how to respect..we need to show respect towards them.

So, what we need to do is to care about other people s feelings…and it will happen naturally.

No pain No gains

Try doing this. If there are things happening with us which gives us negative thoughts, never share. If there are things happening which gives us positive vibes , always share. Negativity when discussed will maximise it and disturb you as well as the other person involved in the discussion. Our mind become less receptive and couldn’t take right decisions when negative things happen. So first become calm and relax yourself. Announcing your pain to people will give you nothing but more pain.

Instead try to be stable at that point of time. Time will never be the same. It’s gonna change with seasons. Always be ready for both good and bad situations. Your personality should be such that, what ever the situation is, the mindset should be same. There s a saying no pain no gain.

Pain teaches us the real lessons of life. We become more strong. So never be afraid of such situations because they are turning you into a person with a perfect blend of life.

Taste of life

We all love food with lots of spices in it. Same is with our life which is too full of spices. Some of the spices we like and some are unwanted. It’s just like cooking food as per your likings. If you like gossiping about people then it adds a bitter taste to your life. Love adds sweetness. Anger adds piping hot flavour to it.Calmness may take time but will serve you a perfect taste. Hard work will give you the perfect recipe of what you expected. Patience will serve you the best dessert you like. Politeness will give you sweets that you would relish. And yes don’t forget too much sweetness can cause diabetes too.

So what’s the perfect recipe for life. Nothing is perfect or imperfect. Each one of us have a different taste. Though the food served in many houses is same but the taste is different. Why following same recipe gives you different tastes. It’s because of our likings. Same applies to our life. No matter how much you try to copy a persons lifestyle but we will always end up with our own way of living. As two persons can never be same and that’s the beauty of life.

Its our attitude towards life which will help us achieve our goals. So,keep on trying till you get your perfect recipe.