Change with the seasonsĀ 

Change is a very important aspect of our life. As our life is not stable.. even we can’t remain the same. We need to move ahead and change ourself as the situation demands. Can we stop the earth from revolving or hold the time?? No. We cannot stop any situation into our life as the good and bad events will come and go one after the other. 
The only thing in our hands is to change ourself according as the time demands. Transformation is the best way to live our life. If we meet a person after 10 years and he or she is still the same as before, then it’s clear that no transformation has happened in so many years. Which shows they are still struggling but not ready to change. Those people who are not ready to change are wasting their life and time too. No enjoyment in being rigid to your own rules and regulations. We should always be open to accept new ideas in our lives. Transformation is one of the keys for success.
Keep on changing yourself as per the events happening. Understand why these events are happening, and what will be the result if we change or not change.. evaluate carefully and then go ahead.
If the life is on, difficulties will be there, as that what life is all about. Your best stories will come from your struggles. Don’t be afraid and face it with full confidence. Happiness is waiting for you if you are ready to cross the hurdles and succeed. Don’t set boundaries for yourself otherwise you will be caught in your own jail. Change yourself with each and every season and respect the way it is.. as each season is going to teach you lessons for life.


Shunya! The immense pleasureĀ 

Silence is yet another beautiful form I discovered. I think it’s the best form of experiencing nature. It gives us immense pleasure which is immeasurable. Sitting in a garden quietly or just sitting alone and sipping your coffee, focusing on your breath or simply gazing at the stars.. sounds lovely?? Isn’t it? Becoming soundless is silence. No words no expressions no laughter no anger , absolutely nothing…no thing. 
We are living in a society where we need to chatter with people. Speech is very important to communicate. There are different kinds of societies which has different kinds of topics to discuss. Religious society will talk on religious topics. Business people will speak on their own subjects. Sports, health, children, politics and lot of other subjects to talk. Living in such an environment where everybody wants to talk, but very few of them want to listen. Too much of talking leads to arguments. People with ego will never keep quiet and prove their point till they are not satisfied. 
Now the point is how to indulge ourselves in this beautiful world of silence, which we also call it as ‘Maun’. Avoid gossiping. There are lot of gossipers roaming around almost everywhere who are looking for people of their own kind. Gossiping is a kind of disease which is damaging our inner silence. Avoid arguing with people. Look for a place and time, where you can sit and enjoy silence. It may be early morning when everyone is sleeping or late night after everyone is asleep. 
Take few moments for yourself when you can charge yourself by simply sitting ,doing nothing, thinking nothing. It will bring out the creative inside you and you will be full of energy for the next day. So calm down your mind and bring it to zero. Zero means becoming thoughts no words it’s only you yourself.

Which spice you want in your life?

The spice of life lies In, good and bad things happening in our life. But due to our wrong perceptions we consider bad things as good and good as bad. Good things depends on how you perceive things. Bad things can be dealt with a positive mind set and accepting it as a challenge in life. But why is it happening? It’s because we are searching happiness in all those frills and fancies which are giving only temporary happiness to us. This is not the real pleasure which we are trying to seek.
Buddha was born with a silver spoon, still he was not happy with the comfort he had. He kept on searching for the real happiness in life inspite of being a prince. He was blessed with all the things a person would strive to get in life. But he knew that all these were of no value. His real pleasure was in oneness with god.
People seeking pleasure in physical things can never be satisfied as there is no end to it. They want more and more and one day they realise that all these things has no value. Life doesn’t mean trying to gain more and more things. For a beggar the only thing he need is food. When his neccisity of food is fulfilled he looks for shelter, and the process goes on and on. 
We have made the goal of our life as only to demand things one after the other. But are getting nothing in return except greed. Choosing right kind of spice or thought, right from the childhood can help in the selection of good and bad. It becomes easy to face any kind of situation in life. We can take the decisions correctly without any confusions.
So live life not with wants, but with satisfaction in whatever we have. Making our life simple and not complicated is in our own hands. 

Don’t stop…Keep moving!!

Only thing we can gain from wrong emotions and thoughts is destruction of our inner self. Life is like an ocean which can never be stable. There are continous waves in it which shouldn’t affect us. Its your responsibility to take your boat safely till the shore no matter what happen.If a person gets affected with these disturbances , it will become very difficult to cope up with life.

In order to come out of these emotions we need to give strength to ourselves. Making our mind strong enough to face the present as well as the coming situations in our life. Keep on moving and don’t stop, no matter what the situation is. One step backward can can shake your innerself and you have to again gather strength and start from zero. Face the situations, take decisions and apply them by taking quick actions. This life is not to waste but to utilise each and every second of our day. Do constructive things which can affect your life as well as others life positively.

keep emptying your brain of the wrong emotions or thoughts, so that good thoughts can take place. If your brain is full of waste thoughts then there will be no space for good thoughts to get in. But this is possible only if we want to do it. Nobody else can do this task for you. Keep your mind calm and peaceful and everything will become easy and smooth.

Love yourself, love your life, love whatever you do.