Mantra for happy life


If you want to keep your family and people around you happy, the first and foremost thing should be to keep yourself happy. It’s a very simple logic. You can give what you have.. but you can’t give what you don’t have. So if you are happy from inside then only you will be able to share it with others. Lot of brain exercise need to be done if you are not ready for the task. First train your brain not to take life and people seriously as it will give you stress and you won’t be able to live peacefully.

Now the question is how to implement it? It’s an art which is possible only if you want to learn. But the want should be there in yourself. People get so addicted to stress that they find out reasons to take tensions. First, and foremost thing, I would suggest is keep yourself busy so that you don’t have time to think enough on something which went wrong throughout the day. Let things happen and go with the flow. Don’t bother!

So what do you think. Half of the milestone is accomplished. Now put filters in your mind so that you can absorb only those things which you want and let the rest things go. Happiness is not something which you can buy from outside. It’s already there inside you. You just need to clear the dust which is gathering day by day. Don’t let the outside dirt pollute your happiness and protect it by keeping your soul pure.


Resolving the rights and wrongs


No person in this world is exactly same as another. Even twins born on same day and same time are different. We all are different from each other.

I am right , you are wrong. Is it necessary to arrive at a conclusion of rights and wrongs? Never be judgemental…. neither for others nor for yourself. We are always guiding people of the do s and don’t s in their lives and even to ourself. It’s high time now. Stop giving yes and no’s to people as we are no one to decide whether people are right or wrong.. instead start guiding yourself.

This conflict of right and wrong can be resolved by accepting people as they are. Each and every person is right according to his or her own perspective. Nobody in any situation can be right or wrong for what they have done, as they have a valid reason behind that. If we understand this, half of the problems will be solved.

Accept people as they are and then make them understand that you are correct in your own ways. Tell them that it can be done in other ways too and explain them what benefits they can get, if they change their style of work. People will definitely understand.

Empathy is the key element required here. If we want to be happy then stop these rights and wrongs and say we all are different…. I can’t see what you can see, and you can’t see what I can see, but I believe that what you say is right in your own way.

If we really want to understand other person then the best way is to dive into other persons mind. It is a very interesting game. Conflict resolving or increasing is in our own hands. Guide and empower people. Give people energy of acceptance,respect, love and harmony. But before giving this to people your own mind should be stable and their should be no ups and downs going in your mind.

Use the word “it’s fine”. This will not deplete the energy in other person. Treat your mind as your own child,accept it, give love, and heal. First we should experiment it on ourselves and then only we will understand that it’s not easy to change other persons Sanskars, as they go in other directions as per their karmic accounts. Play with your own mind.

Past is past… it’s over. Completely go to next minute and try again and again.

Family! The best place in the world


I think the best moments spent in our lives are with our families. It is the best place where we can get immense happiness and pleasure specially mentally. We go anywhere in the world…it may be the most beautiful and relaxing place but when we step into our home after a long holiday, how do we feel? No matter how tired we are..meeting our family ,takes away all the tiredness.

We work for our family to see just one smile on their face. And if we are not able to give them that we keep on working harder and harder. What are we earning from it. It’s not money but actually it’s the happiness for our family members.

Family does not mean only husband wife and children. The grandparents are the most important part of it. They share such beautiful relationship especially with kids ,that nobody can take their place. There are people who prefer, living in nuclear families… but they are missing one of the most beautiful part of their lives. It’s a feeling of love, togetherness, unity, caring, protection, helping, understanding, etc.

Living in a family together teaches us…patience, tolerance, respect, sharing, etc. Which is not possible anywhere else. So it’s better to live with elders rather then staying alone and regretting when we grow old.

Family should be a stress buster, not a stress creator. There are lot of people who don’t want to go back home early as they are not comfortable. So they are more happy with their friends and spend more time with them. But all these are the temporary solutions and are fake. Never run away from the family,instead try to sort out the problems and make it a more happier place to live in.

Family should be such that when we step inside , we would not like to go out of that cocoon. It should give us a feeling of immense love and protection. But that’s not so simple , we need to sacrifice lot of things and put in efforts to keep all happy. It should be the most beautiful place to live in…and that’s what is real heaven which people are searching all around which they are never going to find anywhere else. It’s just a simple thing which we need to understand and are lives can be as perfect as we want.

Keep busy and be easy


An idle mind is a devils workshop…To keep oneself busy is the best and most important thing one can do for a stress free life. Never sit idle…it should be the mantra for your life. This way you feel more energetic throughout the day and you will be more productive. Often there s this general problem, minds get distracted very soon. Keep the mind focused and busy in something or the other all the time…so it does not have time to rome around here and there. Keep learning things which give you knowledge.

Rather than sitting idle and watching tv on a couch… Its preferable doing something which is more useful. It can be any kind of work may be things which you like .Even do things which you don’t like as you may create interest in them one day or will definitely learn something from them.

Watch movies but not only for the sake of entertainment but try to take out good things from it and implement in your practical lives. Go to holy places and see how people are worshipping god , what’s the reason behind their prayers? Knowledge can be taken offline as well as online which ever way we are comfortable. The motto should be keeping our mind occupied.

We have been born in this world to fulfil our responsibilities and achieve our goals which we need to discover. Make efforts to achieve them, rule out your weakness by learning new things each day. Listen to people carefully. Lot of people have verbal diarrhoea and they don’t have the habit of listening to others, they think only they are correct, and don’t bother to listen to people around them. But if you are silent and observant then u learn more.

So become workaholic and you will be more healthier than before both phisically and mentally.

Live like a child

Life should be lived like a child. Children are the best to learn from. No matter what you say to them, scold them,…. but still they love you. They are not at all serious in life. What they want is just love and play. Which should be a in everybody s life. As soon as we become serious , our journey will be full of problems. Be thoughtless like kids and you do yoga naturally the whole day, which is only possible if you are thoughtless. Live life happily as if we are going to die tomorrow.

People are passionate about their carrier, jobs, business, kids etc. But not about their life which is the most important thing for all of us. Our ultimate goal is not a good job or money or carrier , but it’s the happiness and blissfulness which we should want to achieve in our life.

We think that it’s too an early for somebody to attain all these things, but age is no bar for such beautiful things. Person who gets these, needs nothing else in this world. Even millions and billions of money can’t help you buy happiness.

So all of us need to understand the importance of happiness in our day to day lives. This is possible by slowly and steadily involving our mind into yog. It’s not just sitting at one place and chanting mantras with your eyes closed ,but the right way to implement such things and acts in our daily lives is through training our minds again and again towards the right way .Ignite yourself with yog by becoming thoughtless like a child.

There should be me time in the whole day when you detach yourself from people and things around you and think of only what gives you happiness in life. Is it money , kids , family , success in business or something else. If you dive down deep inside you will find out that all these things will give you temporary happiness but what gives you Long term happiness is connecting yourself with god. Its just one step away from you. You just need to hold hands with god which is inside you. So start discovering by your inward senses and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Shape situations as per our mind


This person irritates me, that person did not talk to me in the right way, she is making too much noise which I don’t like, he is not behaving as I want….and the list is endless. Do you really think our mind like all these thoughts? Are we really comfortable with such things in our mind? No, not at all.

If things happening outside are according to our own wish then we are happy. We become unhappy in an opposite situation. Nobody is making us unhappy, we become unhappy.This is because our mind is not in our control but someone else is controlling it. It’s like a t v whose remote is in other people’s hands which they can switch on and off whenever they want.

If situations are unpleasant then it’s more important for us to be pleasant from within. We ourself will suffer if we become unpleasant from inside. In this way we are poisoning our system.We need to open our eyes in the same way as a driver drives with his eyes open so that he or she doesn’t meet accidents.

Give instructions to your mind. If it does not happen, pay little more attention. The right way is that we should be able to shape situations as per our minds and not the situations shaping our minds.

Identify yourself


If someone ask you, who are you? What will be your answer?
People’s identities are attached to either their own name, parents name, their husband s name, the name of their company, etc, but all these are their physical identities and not the real ones. The more you rely upon them, you become their prisoner for the whole life.

For eg.if our self respect is attached to our new car , what will happen to us when it becomes old? Same thing for your business and job…it’s everything for you. If one day you are in a good financial position and on some other day you face a financial crisis or loose your job,then nobody will want to know you. Sometimes people loose their desire to live. Same thing happens in realationships too. All these are false identities and crazy part is that we can never be satisfied even if we maintain them.

These false identities does not allow us to keep our mind stable and we either suffer with inferiority or superiority complex. Even if I’m successful myself …having my identity based on that success means I’m a slave to it.

Once u have an identity it is prejudice. Mind rotates around what you are identified with. What you call as your body is just like your food….which you can eat but it can’t be you. What you accumulate is yours but can never be you.

So now we should understand how to get out of these wrong notions. Actually, the things which we think are our identities are not at all ours, as nothing gonna stay with us till death. What stay with us is our karma, good thoughts, and connection with god. Identify your innerself and connect your inner consciousness with the outward consciousness . Discover your inner you which you are not aware of. This will not happen in one day but continuous yog will help you reach your goal.

That’s the way we should think !!


Lot of times it happens, infact most of the time it happens that what we say to people is different and what we think about them is different. Thoughts are different,words are different…and then we say, I always talk to her sweetly but that person doesn’t seem to radiate positive energy towards me. It’s because your thoughts transfers to another persons mind before your words.

This happens when all the time we are thinking negative of a person and it really matters…as it’s not possible for a person to think or create good thoughts for you as you are continuously creating negative thoughts for him. So instead of checking on other persons thoughts we need to check our own thoughts.

Adjustment is the best solution, as if we try to adjust it will create discomfort initially ,but finally the result will be very comfortable. Every person has a different nature, habits or Sanskars. It’s not necessary that the person will change its habit but yes we can try to inculcate a new Sanskar in them and accept there existing Sanskars.

Now a days a lot of ego problems happening.. as we don’t accept the person with their existing habits and try to change them. This leads to disrespect and dominating on other person. But this is absolutely natural. Don’t disrespect another person for a wrong habit in them, instead try to create a new habit in them because every person have its own logic behind their acts. Now if both the persons logic are correct then one need to understand and adjust to another persons Sanskar. We should not create energy of resistance and conflict. It depends on us whether we want to see Ram in a person or Ravan in him.

First try to change yourself on thought level and then words will come automatically. But keep one thing in your mind that a crow can never become a koel. A crow is very comfortable with its own voice, so you can’t change a crow for your own choice , jus because you don’t like its voice. Why should a person change because you don’t like him. Concern is beautiful but it has to be understand and said in a right way. So ask a person to change for their own comfort but not for your own comfort.