Win the Battle of Jealousy

If a person is not happy to see other persons happiness or success then it’s called as J factor or jealousy. Why this jealousy occurs inside us? What makes us jealous? And how can we get rid of it?

Now a days people are more happy to see a person in problems. And are more depressed when they see a person being more successful or prosperous than them.

I think people who are emotionally weak suffer from this disease. Small things can make such people upset. They feel insufficient within themselves. So, how can we help them or ourself if we are suffering with the same problem.

Whatever is happening around us and with us, it’s all because of our own karmas. If someone is enjoying good time then it’s because of the good deeds they have done, and vice versa. So, never regret of what’s happening to yourself as it’s all your own accountability. Our balance sheet should be maintained properly by balancing our inputs and outputs.

If we understand this simple thing, that whatever good is happening with people is because of their own deeds then we will never be jealous of them, as they are reaping the fruits of their own tree.

Never doubt on yourself and your abilities. Be confident of yourself and never be afraid of what people will say. If we are confident of what we are doing is correct, and is for good of ourself and people around us, then there will be no fear or hesitation. Therefore, Conquer your fears and see the beautiful part life.

Jealousy will kill you from inside and weaken you day by day. It creates anger which is another symptom of a weak and fearful mind. As soon as we conquer this enemy of ours we take one more golden step towards the gate of happiness.

So, to win the battle of jealousy we need to first calm down and discover our strengths rather than the weaknesses.

Relationship with universe

We all try to make relations with people around us. Relations with our family members and with all those people we want to be. We need a whole lot of efforts to do this. Taking care of them, listen to there views and opinions, following instructions of each other and love them the way they are.

If we maintain the same kind of relationship with the universe then it can cause wonders in our life. It’s a kind of virtual relationship which can only be felt from within. It cannot be expressed but can only be realised consciously. This can be done through yoga and meditation. If we do yoga and meditation early morning then it has its own benefits.

We can see the change in ourself, once we start doing it. We feel like doing everyday at the same time as if someone is waiting for us to connect with. Yes there is this power to which we can connect with. It’s a kind of relation which once formed can never be broken as there is no expectations here. Just keep absorbing energy from the universe and stay blissful.

Universe is a place from where we have come and where we have to go back. Respect this pillar of life or you can be in trouble. People who maintain a strong relationship with it are the happiest people on earth.

Doing meditation can help in healing your self and stay connected to all living things.

Hope for the best

There are two things in our life which we should give utmost importance to. First is god, and then is hope. Hope is the pillar on which the progress of our life depends. It should never die. No matter how many times a person fails or falls down in life but he or she should never leave hope. It gives positivism and motivation. Whereas, if we leave hope then we fail in our life which leads to stress and depression. Therefore, make hope your best friend and you will never fail in life.

Hope is a power that can create wonders. After god it is the best power to believe in.

Now a days people don’t have faith in themselves. They are ready to go to temples, praying to god and worshiping him. But don’t have faith in self. We need to have faith in both, but first in self and then in god, then only things will work.

Have you ever noticed an ant going in a particular direction? No matter how many times we try to change its direction, it will never give up. And will follow the way it has decided. If an ant can be so strong and have such clarity, why not humans.

Therefore, we should be clear in our thoughts and hope for the best. If we have clarity then we will have faith in ourself and will never lose hope.

Real kind of happiness

Can we be happy with our own self. No, not really. Our happiness is based on lots of things around us. We always look for things or objects to experience joy. This kind of happiness is objective. Why is our happiness objective? We wait for things like gifts, amazon orders, new clothes, Jewellery, money, perfect wedding, beautiful house, great job,etc to be happy.

We have got addicted to such materialistic things for our joy, because it was a kind of happiness achieved in the past by our ancestors. The caveman use to get happy by hunting or finding food or getting things. But this kind of effect is always short term.

So, it’s a kind of dependency on things or people, and as soon as these things are gone, we start experiencing misery instead of joy.

Other kind of happiness is subjective which is not dependent on any kind object or people.. For example, when we help somebody without selfish motive and experience satisfaction or joy. Hence, to love or help someone without selfishness gives us real happiness. For this we need to experience oneness with everyone. If we realise that we are this universe our self ,and people around us, then such feeling of oneness will give us ultimate joy.

Be like a mother with everyone. How a mother sacrifices her food and give it to her hungry children. This giving of food doesn’t make her feel bad, but it makes her feel more satisfied and full of joy.

A person who has a high level of satisfaction with life is considered as happy. This is possible when we focus on the real meaning of our life and follow the path of self realisation. We are the pilots of our future happiness. So we need to take necessary steps for it.

So, how can we experience happiness?

* by bravely confronting the hardships of life.

* Being optimist.

* Having control on self.

* Developing personal strengths.

* Recognising your own value.

* And very important, choose an activity that feels like time stops when you are doing it, and do it frequently.

Therefore, free yourself from dependency on things and people, and create joy within by being happy with your own self. Someone has well said.. “ I am not what happened to me, but I am what I choose to become”.