Speak for yourself

We all are shy to speak about things happening in our lives which shouldn’t have happened or were not correct. Because of which we always have regrets in our minds. All such thoughts stay with us all our life time and because of this we are not able to live our lives comfortably. This affects a lot on our happiness index. Instead of going up, it stops at a point and we keep on thinking why we are not happy instead of all good things present around us. Like, people have money, fame, family, but are not that much happy as they should be.

Speaking for self needs immense courage. We need to be bold and never deny truth. As truth will anyways come out one day, if not straight may be indirectly punishing the concerned person for their karmas. Nobody can protect them at that time. So, if we learn this habit of speaking truth for self and for others too, it will bring a great change first in our self, then in our society and gradually in the world.

If we want to inculcate the virtue of truth in our children, then we need to set an example ourselves. This will only happen if we follow the right path. In todays world dishonesty has become the order. We all wear a mask and meet and greet each other with fake smiles. We gossip about our near and dear ones behind their back. Praising those people from whom we want favours, have become our habit.

So, instead of living a happy life after earning money and getting fame, we are living an artificial life losing the purity of our soul. Therefore, don’t hesitate in speaking the truth, as truth is the only thing which will give you real happiness.


Fragrance of life

Our lives should be full of fragrance. Not through the fragrance of a perfume. But such a fragrance that reaches not only to people but even to god. Not outer fragrance, but fragrance of our karmas and thoughts. It can be improved by increasing our inner qualities.

We can understand this with the help of an example. Life of a businessman is full of difficulties, so patience is the most important thing he need to develop. He can never get angry on his customers. Have to talk politely with them no matter how many questions they ask and how many times they ask. This fragrance of his patient behaviour pleases the customers whom the businessman considers as a king or god. That s why businessman always writes in his business places quotes like, customer is the king…as customer is the one who pays him for his hard work.

If we do some good deeds, but with selfish motives, then it will not carry any fragrance. Like those in politics are helping people who are in need, but for their own selfish motives. That’s the reason we cannot see goodness in there acts. Therefore, if we are donating something to get fame, or helping someone to get help in return, then it’s better we don’t do any good karma for such selfish motives.

How to make our lives fragrant

* love sincerely

* Cling to good deeds

* Be joyful in hope

* Faithfulness in prayers

* Patience in pain

* Do not be proud

* Bless even those who curse you

* Do not take revenge

Therefore, let’s try developing the above points within us and the fragrance of our lives will definitely reach to god.

What kind of love is yours?

Horse runs after grass, dog runs after bone and humans runs after money.

So, whats the difference between humans and animals, if we have only financial goals in our lives. God has made us humans because we have those extra qualities in us which animals don’t have.

So, what do we mean by being human? Humanity comes with gratitude, consciousness and self realisation. Gratitude….first with god and then with people around us. Consciousness in our own thoughts and karmas and self realisation of our goals.

We all are experts in expectational love and emotional love. If someone loves us we can love them back, or may be if we are emotionally attached to some people like our family then too we love them regardless of any conditions.

There is one more form of love i.e intellectual love. Intellectual love is the most precious form. We will never get bored of it, as some people experience in their relationships. This type of love is not based on a person s looks or money, instead there s a deep connection between two minds. It’s very rare these days. But, yes there are people who fall in love intellectually and it’s a totally different experience. It happens when two people become really good friends, and share same thoughts and values without any ego.

So, lets find our intellectual love. It can happen with an object… may be a book, or a person or may be god. We need to choose ours.

Comforts can misguide

God has given us brains to think and work. With this if we get lots of facilities, then we stop using our brains and become dependent on them. Like facility of contact list in our phone,makes us dependent and we don’t remember numbers even of our own family members. Internet is the biggest facilitator for all types of communication and knowledge. Even facilities like helpers at home and everywhere has made us lazy and dependent on them.

In one way these facilities or comforts are good. As it has made our lives easy and more comfortable. But on the other hand if we imagine our life living without such comforts, then we can imagine hell on earth. If all these comforts are taken away from us, then only hard working people like farmers would be able to survive.

Misusing such facilities can spoil us and our kids too, making us lazy, dependent, and insensitive. Kids especially should be kept away from such comforts and taught to learn and earn their own living. Never let them realise that money we are earning is for them. Teach them to get what they want by earning it and help them making a wonderful and self dependent person.

Facilities are good but only till it helps us in our development. These plush lives are never going to make us happy, but infact it’s our own enemy. It’s like more we run after external comfort, more uncomfortable we are from inside. Comfort is the enemy of progress, so come out of the cozy cocoon and experience the world of real happiness through hard work.

Real celebration

Beautiful decoration, delicious food, music and people are needed to celebrate the occasions in our life. We run around here and there preparing for these functions. Making sure the presence of our friends and family.

Just give it a thought why are we doing it? Whats the need?

The need is to make the person happy for whom the celebration is done. Example, on a birthday party of a baby, people are busy in celebrations, giving importance to things like, their own dressing, attending people, see that everybody has eaten food… but often forget to feed the crying baby.

Same thing happens when we organise big Pooja’s and call lot of people, serve them with food and gifts, etc. but we forget the importance for what the Pooja is kept. The environment should be such that there is oneness with god, instead people are busy in gossiping, eating, etc. so, if we want to do all these things then, we better arrange for a party which is meant purely for this purpose.

Real celebration is showing love to those for whom we are doing it. Taking care of them and making them as much happy as we can. Each day of our life can be a celebration, but we should know how to do it. Just be happy from inside, and we won’t need anybody to celebrate our happiness.

Be open like a book

Secrets are like a closed book which no one can know till the book is opened and read.. It may be a kind of thought, things, or an information. But why do we want to keep a secret. Are we afraid of anything…. yes because of certain kinds of fear we want to keep secrets. We are fearful, jealous, or sometimes just to protect someone or if it’s for good and or may be to save them from danger.

Whenever something like this happens there’s a burden inside our minds which we carry or we feel stressed. This can cause depression or stress to some people. It feels really uncomfortable to live with such thoughts. So, in a way keeping secrets can be really harmful. If we have a secret in our mind we would always like to escape the situations where such discussions are involved. If we want to keep our minds relaxed then we need to avoid it.

Secrets are being judgemental to situations. Who are we to judge people. Let’s not try to make decisions for others. It reduces our inner capabilities.

Rather it’s very healthy to be transparent with others. Off course , some secrets are fine which are for the good of others, but otherwise manipulation’s will cause only pain inside us.

So, let’s be open like a book. Let people know who we are. Let’s accept criticisms and improve ourselves, so that every time an improved version can be written.


Being simple doesn’t mean not enjoying life or staying away from all the pleasures. But it’s a kind of quality which demonstrates, the best form of life a person should live. Being modest and simple is a perfect combination to be.

Simplicity means staying away of all the pomp and show or fancies, and enjoy the real essence of life. Believe it, it’s an experience close to pure bliss. No worries about… what people will say or react, how you look, no extra efforts to please people around you, love and devotion in each task you do, unconditional love for others, etc.

So, developing the above qualities inside us can convert our personality into a beautiful human being. As in Gita when Arjun met Krishna at the battlefield, and Krishna was explaining Arjun how not to run away from his responsibilities and karmas, Arjun was not aware that Krishna is a god. Why, what’s the reason? Was Arjun mad? No, it’s because of the simplicity of Krishna that he was not able to recognise this supreme personality. That’s the way we should live. Enjoying all the pleasures but still being good at heart.

We should all be able to experience this beautiful part of life. Only a simple person has an extra vision for life as he or she is able to concentrate more on the truth of life.

Mind your own business!

When people have a boring life, without any mirch masala, then they do anything to poke around people’s private matters…just like it happens in our hindi sas-bahu serials.

Peeping in someone else’s job is something which looks very normal, but it is not. If a person wants to keep something secret and is not interested to share, it’s ok. Why do we need to peep inside and see what’s happening. Generally, people who doesn’t have much to do, are passing their time gossiping and bitching about others. Slowly it becomes their habit, and such people are always interested in knowing what’s happening in their neighbours house or strangers house, rather than inside their own lives.

People cannot digest the fact that others are happier then them. They have this habit of poking their nose in others business…which is not good. For example if a girl and a boy are going together, people cannot take it normally. They will make stories about them and create wrong notions.They can be good friends too, but it needs patience and faith to believe.

Now, why do people love digging information about people, and linking each other unnecessarily?

There may be reasons like, If a person is not satisfied of what he or she has in their own lives or maybe to get self satisfaction. But we don’t have an idea of what is happening inside us, as it’s giving birth to negative feelings such as jealousy, anger, show off and even ego.

So, How to get rid of this habit?

* Be attentive in your own self.

* Check what you are doing.

* What ever u think and do should be in favour of everyone else around us too.

* Don’t be selfish.

* Create good thoughts about others.

Let’s try to absorb all the above points and make our own life as well as others lives as beautiful as nature.