Innocence is bliss

Innocence is the best way to live blissfully. An innocent person is always devoted towards god, without even realising it. As a child has no differences in his or her mind towards others…they look at everyone with the same thoughts. No cunningness, or guilt at all. God always hold hands of such people.

But as they grow up, they learn from the society and environment around them how to behave artificially. So this chain continues and we all sail in the same boat.

Innocent people can talk without manipulating. They will never worry of what other person will think of them. Ready to help others openheartedly. Affectionate with all, light hearted, playful, jolly and expressive.

I think we should remain like a child in thoughts and enjoy all the happiness inside us. As being innocent has lots of advantages:

* we don’t care what people say or think about us.

* Helpful towards others.

* Expressing self.

* Happy with what and how much we have.

* No expectations.

* No regrets.

* Fun loving.

But there are lot of us who believe, that innocence doesn’t work in this world. We need to be immoral, as people around us are so. We need to behave as per our environment demands. But that’s not true. We can maintain our innocence no matter what kind of people are there around us. It totally depends on us how we want to mould ourself. Therefore, this is the best way to experience bliss and remain stress free.


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