Listening skills

Whenever people talk to us about something which is not of our interest, some of us like to listen to it and others ignore if they don’t want to hear to them. So, is it good to listen to people whom you are not interested to talk with… now that’s a question which can confuse us.

If we are not interested in a conversation and it’s necessary to get involved in it, then we should surely do it. There s no harm in listening to the views of others. It gives us an insight of what’s going on in other persons mind. As we meet more people and share there experiences and views it broadens our vision. We definitely get to learn from it whether we like it or not.

Listening is a skill which can be developed in ourself. The most important ingredient required is patience. You can steal someone s heart through patience and break too without it. So it’s a good news, we all can do it.

Trying to listen to other people’s views and understand them, nurture s our relationship with them. Each one of us is correct in our own views, so we cannot say that I am right and other person is wrong. Listen to others and then do what you think is right. Compare between a group of people who are sitting together and not listening to each other with that group who understands and listen s to each other. Obviously, people will be more calmer in the group in which there’s more understanding.

Therefore, keep practising your listening skills, meeting with different people and understanding their views about life.

So, keep your ears open.


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