Connecting with people

When we meet someone for the first time, how do we connect with them? Is there a procedure to do that? Not really. It happens naturally from within. We feel that connection from inside. What works… are the inner thoughts of the person. It doesn’t take too long to connect with a person who shares same thoughts as you have. Fake conversations doesn’t continue for too long.

There’s a kind of energy that flows within each of us, which when meet with each other, creates a combination of positive and negative behaviour towards others. If we are positive from inside even a negative person cannot affect us no matter how long we sit with him or her. Instead, we start giving that person positive vibrations automatically.

It’s a kind of state where we are in a blissful mode all the time. Wherever we go, what ever we do, whether we like it or not, we are comfortable with any kind of situation. Connecting with people helps a lot in any situation. No matter what the age is, we are in rhythm with all of them.

In the same way, connecting with god or the supreme energy is also very easy. If we have good thoughts, then we don’t need to connect with the energy every time, as we ourself has the energy to feel it within us.


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