Life… a beautiful vacation

We all are blessed to be gifted with such a beautiful life. Each and every moment of life should be enjoyed. It’s too short. We cannot make long term plans as nothing is fixed. Don’t depend on future circumstances to be happy. Just enjoy with what you have.

Experience life as a vacation. We go to different places while we are traveling. Meet different people. Sometimes some tragedies also happen while traveling. We can get hurt while enjoying

some activities, ! which we never expected…. Do we take all these memories seriously and keep thinking of them? No. We just keep them as a bad memory and never recall them as it was just a vacation.

Same is with life.. it’s like a holiday. Some injuries may happen while enjoying this holiday… But, we should keep going ahead and enjoy the beautiful situations coming in our way. Watch and learn with whatever is happening with us. Keep moving ahead. Don’t get stressed or tired. Just

relax🧘 and keep going again. Enjoy meeting with different people and make new friends. May be in so many of them you can find a true friend for yourself.

Never be afraid of going to new places and meeting with new people. It will always make you learn something new. Explore different temperaments, body language, speech, emotions, the way

people think, 🤣 😍 😏 😫 😡 🤨 😱 😇 etc. Analyse them and see what you want to learn and what you don’t want to learn from them.

If we can make people happy, then this is the best way to be blissful. When we give happiness to others then we experience inner peace and love for ourself and others too.

There’s so much to do in life that we can never get bored of it. And, if still someone is getting bored, then it means that they are not making much efforts to do things.

So, what all things can give us true experience of our life vacation ?

According to me, we can experience life to the fullest by giving importance to things like:

👉 Love yourself

👉 Take care of people around you.

👉 Never mind of people talking ill about you, its their own problem.

👉 Treat everyone with equal affection and love.

👉 Give importance to inner beauty rather then physical appearance. If we are beautiful from inside, it will show automatically..we don’t need to make any efforts.

👉 Believe in the energy within yourself and around us. Which can give us a blissful experience.

👉 Be positive and give positivity to others.

👉 Never be afraid of situations and fight with full courage.

👉 keep good memories which gives you happiness.

There is lot more to it..but if we can start with following atleast few of them, then life will be a beautiful vacation to be enjoyed.


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