Feelings versus words

We use words to express while conversing with others. Where does these words originate from? Of course, the words pop out through the feelings we have for others. Our thoughts and feelings play an important role in the kind of words we are going to form.

While speaking we need to check the feelings before expressing any kind of word. When we say Hey! to someone, there are different ways to express it. Hey can be used with the feeling of love, hatred and surprise too… so in expressing, feelings are more important than words. Same word can have different meanings to it.

Analysing the emotions and it’s effect on others is very important. Words are the medium to express our feelings. Our intentions give fuel and power to any word. The energy which is transformed through the language creates drastic effects on people. Whether it’s business, job or home, right kind of energy can create wonders.

Therefore, both are important, as…. if we are not able to express ourself with right kind of words then the message passed will not be effective. And even if we use the right words but, the feelings are not appropriate, then too the conversation will be ineffective.

We all should try to create good thoughts and feelings, and put them into right kind of words. This will allow the conversation to be crystal clear.

“Meditation is a way to create good feelings and emotions which in turn will create beautiful words to express ourself.”


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