Win the Battle of Jealousy

If a person is not happy to see other persons happiness or success then it’s called as J factor or jealousy. Why this jealousy occurs inside us? What makes us jealous? And how can we get rid of it?

Now a days people are more happy to see a person in problems. And are more depressed when they see a person being more successful or prosperous than them.

I think people who are emotionally weak suffer from this disease. Small things can make such people upset. They feel insufficient within themselves. So, how can we help them or ourself if we are suffering with the same problem.

Whatever is happening around us and with us, it’s all because of our own karmas. If someone is enjoying good time then it’s because of the good deeds they have done, and vice versa. So, never regret of what’s happening to yourself as it’s all your own accountability. Our balance sheet should be maintained properly by balancing our inputs and outputs.

If we understand this simple thing, that whatever good is happening with people is because of their own deeds then we will never be jealous of them, as they are reaping the fruits of their own tree.

Never doubt on yourself and your abilities. Be confident of yourself and never be afraid of what people will say. If we are confident of what we are doing is correct, and is for good of ourself and people around us, then there will be no fear or hesitation. Therefore, Conquer your fears and see the beautiful part life.

Jealousy will kill you from inside and weaken you day by day. It creates anger which is another symptom of a weak and fearful mind. As soon as we conquer this enemy of ours we take one more golden step towards the gate of happiness.

So, to win the battle of jealousy we need to first calm down and discover our strengths rather than the weaknesses.


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