Relationship with universe

We all try to make relations with people around us. Relations with our family members and with all those people we want to be. We need a whole lot of efforts to do this. Taking care of them, listen to there views and opinions, following instructions of each other and love them the way they are.

If we maintain the same kind of relationship with the universe then it can cause wonders in our life. It’s a kind of virtual relationship which can only be felt from within. It cannot be expressed but can only be realised consciously. This can be done through yoga and meditation. If we do yoga and meditation early morning then it has its own benefits.

We can see the change in ourself, once we start doing it. We feel like doing everyday at the same time as if someone is waiting for us to connect with. Yes there is this power to which we can connect with. It’s a kind of relation which once formed can never be broken as there is no expectations here. Just keep absorbing energy from the universe and stay blissful.

Universe is a place from where we have come and where we have to go back. Respect this pillar of life or you can be in trouble. People who maintain a strong relationship with it are the happiest people on earth.

Doing meditation can help in healing your self and stay connected to all living things.


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