Hope for the best

There are two things in our life which we should give utmost importance to. First is god, and then is hope. Hope is the pillar on which the progress of our life depends. It should never die. No matter how many times a person fails or falls down in life but he or she should never leave hope. It gives positivism and motivation. Whereas, if we leave hope then we fail in our life which leads to stress and depression. Therefore, make hope your best friend and you will never fail in life.

Hope is a power that can create wonders. After god it is the best power to believe in.

Now a days people don’t have faith in themselves. They are ready to go to temples, praying to god and worshiping him. But don’t have faith in self. We need to have faith in both, but first in self and then in god, then only things will work.

Have you ever noticed an ant going in a particular direction? No matter how many times we try to change its direction, it will never give up. And will follow the way it has decided. If an ant can be so strong and have such clarity, why not humans.

Therefore, we should be clear in our thoughts and hope for the best. If we have clarity then we will have faith in ourself and will never lose hope.


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