Speak for yourself

We all are shy to speak about things happening in our lives which shouldn’t have happened or were not correct. Because of which we always have regrets in our minds. All such thoughts stay with us all our life time and because of this we are not able to live our lives comfortably. This affects a lot on our happiness index. Instead of going up, it stops at a point and we keep on thinking why we are not happy instead of all good things present around us. Like, people have money, fame, family, but are not that much happy as they should be.

Speaking for self needs immense courage. We need to be bold and never deny truth. As truth will anyways come out one day, if not straight may be indirectly punishing the concerned person for their karmas. Nobody can protect them at that time. So, if we learn this habit of speaking truth for self and for others too, it will bring a great change first in our self, then in our society and gradually in the world.

If we want to inculcate the virtue of truth in our children, then we need to set an example ourselves. This will only happen if we follow the right path. In todays world dishonesty has become the order. We all wear a mask and meet and greet each other with fake smiles. We gossip about our near and dear ones behind their back. Praising those people from whom we want favours, have become our habit.

So, instead of living a happy life after earning money and getting fame, we are living an artificial life losing the purity of our soul. Therefore, don’t hesitate in speaking the truth, as truth is the only thing which will give you real happiness.


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