Fragrance of life

Our lives should be full of fragrance. Not through the fragrance of a perfume. But such a fragrance that reaches not only to people but even to god. Not outer fragrance, but fragrance of our karmas and thoughts. It can be improved by increasing our inner qualities.

We can understand this with the help of an example. Life of a businessman is full of difficulties, so patience is the most important thing he need to develop. He can never get angry on his customers. Have to talk politely with them no matter how many questions they ask and how many times they ask. This fragrance of his patient behaviour pleases the customers whom the businessman considers as a king or god. That s why businessman always writes in his business places quotes like, customer is the king…as customer is the one who pays him for his hard work.

If we do some good deeds, but with selfish motives, then it will not carry any fragrance. Like those in politics are helping people who are in need, but for their own selfish motives. That’s the reason we cannot see goodness in there acts. Therefore, if we are donating something to get fame, or helping someone to get help in return, then it’s better we don’t do any good karma for such selfish motives.

How to make our lives fragrant

* love sincerely

* Cling to good deeds

* Be joyful in hope

* Faithfulness in prayers

* Patience in pain

* Do not be proud

* Bless even those who curse you

* Do not take revenge

Therefore, let’s try developing the above points within us and the fragrance of our lives will definitely reach to god.


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