What kind of love is yours?

Horse runs after grass, dog runs after bone and humans runs after money.

So, whats the difference between humans and animals, if we have only financial goals in our lives. God has made us humans because we have those extra qualities in us which animals don’t have.

So, what do we mean by being human? Humanity comes with gratitude, consciousness and self realisation. Gratitude….first with god and then with people around us. Consciousness in our own thoughts and karmas and self realisation of our goals.

We all are experts in expectational love and emotional love. If someone loves us we can love them back, or may be if we are emotionally attached to some people like our family then too we love them regardless of any conditions.

There is one more form of love i.e intellectual love. Intellectual love is the most precious form. We will never get bored of it, as some people experience in their relationships. This type of love is not based on a person s looks or money, instead there s a deep connection between two minds. It’s very rare these days. But, yes there are people who fall in love intellectually and it’s a totally different experience. It happens when two people become really good friends, and share same thoughts and values without any ego.

So, lets find our intellectual love. It can happen with an object… may be a book, or a person or may be god. We need to choose ours.


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