Comforts can misguide

God has given us brains to think and work. With this if we get lots of facilities, then we stop using our brains and become dependent on them. Like facility of contact list in our phone,makes us dependent and we don’t remember numbers even of our own family members. Internet is the biggest facilitator for all types of communication and knowledge. Even facilities like helpers at home and everywhere has made us lazy and dependent on them.

In one way these facilities or comforts are good. As it has made our lives easy and more comfortable. But on the other hand if we imagine our life living without such comforts, then we can imagine hell on earth. If all these comforts are taken away from us, then only hard working people like farmers would be able to survive.

Misusing such facilities can spoil us and our kids too, making us lazy, dependent, and insensitive. Kids especially should be kept away from such comforts and taught to learn and earn their own living. Never let them realise that money we are earning is for them. Teach them to get what they want by earning it and help them making a wonderful and self dependent person.

Facilities are good but only till it helps us in our development. These plush lives are never going to make us happy, but infact it’s our own enemy. It’s like more we run after external comfort, more uncomfortable we are from inside. Comfort is the enemy of progress, so come out of the cozy cocoon and experience the world of real happiness through hard work.


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