Real celebration

Beautiful decoration, delicious food, music and people are needed to celebrate the occasions in our life. We run around here and there preparing for these functions. Making sure the presence of our friends and family.

Just give it a thought why are we doing it? Whats the need?

The need is to make the person happy for whom the celebration is done. Example, on a birthday party of a baby, people are busy in celebrations, giving importance to things like, their own dressing, attending people, see that everybody has eaten food… but often forget to feed the crying baby.

Same thing happens when we organise big Pooja’s and call lot of people, serve them with food and gifts, etc. but we forget the importance for what the Pooja is kept. The environment should be such that there is oneness with god, instead people are busy in gossiping, eating, etc. so, if we want to do all these things then, we better arrange for a party which is meant purely for this purpose.

Real celebration is showing love to those for whom we are doing it. Taking care of them and making them as much happy as we can. Each day of our life can be a celebration, but we should know how to do it. Just be happy from inside, and we won’t need anybody to celebrate our happiness.


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