Be open like a book

Secrets are like a closed book which no one can know till the book is opened and read.. It may be a kind of thought, things, or an information. But why do we want to keep a secret. Are we afraid of anything…. yes because of certain kinds of fear we want to keep secrets. We are fearful, jealous, or sometimes just to protect someone or if it’s for good and or may be to save them from danger.

Whenever something like this happens there’s a burden inside our minds which we carry or we feel stressed. This can cause depression or stress to some people. It feels really uncomfortable to live with such thoughts. So, in a way keeping secrets can be really harmful. If we have a secret in our mind we would always like to escape the situations where such discussions are involved. If we want to keep our minds relaxed then we need to avoid it.

Secrets are being judgemental to situations. Who are we to judge people. Let’s not try to make decisions for others. It reduces our inner capabilities.

Rather it’s very healthy to be transparent with others. Off course , some secrets are fine which are for the good of others, but otherwise manipulation’s will cause only pain inside us.

So, let’s be open like a book. Let people know who we are. Let’s accept criticisms and improve ourselves, so that every time an improved version can be written.


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