Being simple doesn’t mean not enjoying life or staying away from all the pleasures. But it’s a kind of quality which demonstrates, the best form of life a person should live. Being modest and simple is a perfect combination to be.

Simplicity means staying away of all the pomp and show or fancies, and enjoy the real essence of life. Believe it, it’s an experience close to pure bliss. No worries about… what people will say or react, how you look, no extra efforts to please people around you, love and devotion in each task you do, unconditional love for others, etc.

So, developing the above qualities inside us can convert our personality into a beautiful human being. As in Gita when Arjun met Krishna at the battlefield, and Krishna was explaining Arjun how not to run away from his responsibilities and karmas, Arjun was not aware that Krishna is a god. Why, what’s the reason? Was Arjun mad? No, it’s because of the simplicity of Krishna that he was not able to recognise this supreme personality. That’s the way we should live. Enjoying all the pleasures but still being good at heart.

We should all be able to experience this beautiful part of life. Only a simple person has an extra vision for life as he or she is able to concentrate more on the truth of life.


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