Mind your own business!

When people have a boring life, without any mirch masala, then they do anything to poke around people’s private matters…just like it happens in our hindi sas-bahu serials.

Peeping in someone else’s job is something which looks very normal, but it is not. If a person wants to keep something secret and is not interested to share, it’s ok. Why do we need to peep inside and see what’s happening. Generally, people who doesn’t have much to do, are passing their time gossiping and bitching about others. Slowly it becomes their habit, and such people are always interested in knowing what’s happening in their neighbours house or strangers house, rather than inside their own lives.

People cannot digest the fact that others are happier then them. They have this habit of poking their nose in others business…which is not good. For example if a girl and a boy are going together, people cannot take it normally. They will make stories about them and create wrong notions.They can be good friends too, but it needs patience and faith to believe.

Now, why do people love digging information about people, and linking each other unnecessarily?

There may be reasons like, If a person is not satisfied of what he or she has in their own lives or maybe to get self satisfaction. But we don’t have an idea of what is happening inside us, as it’s giving birth to negative feelings such as jealousy, anger, show off and even ego.

So, How to get rid of this habit?

* Be attentive in your own self.

* Check what you are doing.

* What ever u think and do should be in favour of everyone else around us too.

* Don’t be selfish.

* Create good thoughts about others.

Let’s try to absorb all the above points and make our own life as well as others lives as beautiful as nature.


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