Doubts are good

Doubt means looking for something you don’t know about. It’s good. If we don’t have doubts we won’t be learning new things. Therefore, being doubtful is not dangerous. But suspicion is our enemy. It is not good. People with small mind are suspicious about everybody around them. Such people are clueless what to do in their lives. Being suspicious is a kind of disease. Which if not taken care of can be dangerous.

Generally, people take you for a ride to fulfill their selfish means. Which in one way is good for you. You learn your life lessons during these rides. Don’t get angry or suspicious with such people but say thank you to them as they are making you learn from your mistakes. We should never ask from anyone, for things we don’t deserve. It will give us only sufferings and nothing else. We will be in trouble, as we get things we are not ready for. It doesn’t suit our present life.

Lets be more matured, and then things will come automatically to us. Manipulating situations to get something you want can put you into great trouble. Let the flow of life take you wherever according to your abilities. Thank people who are there around you, helping you to make you a better person.

So, be doubtful but not suspicious. Doubts can take you to the heights of success. It’s the one of the important mantra s to gain knowledge. On the other hand, suspicion can be equally dangerous for our life.


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