Roses or thorns?

There are variety of people all around. And no one is similar. There s difference in their looks, behaviour, likes, dislikes, dressing, etc. The way of thinking also differs as people have different opinions on different things. Things which are good in our view, may be bad in someone else’s view. So how can we judge them?

No need to judge a person as everyone is correct in their own perspective. They have their own reasons to prove themselves right. One should know the difference between right and wrong. If we know the do’s and don’t s of life, but still ignore them.. then we are responsible for selecting the roses or thorns for ourselves.

Whatever situations are coming to our life are for our betterment. Like, the dirty clothes are washed in the washing machine by twisting and turning, and then they come out to be clean. Same way we should not be afraid of these twists and turns in our life’s as it’s for our own good. All the situations which are coming to our life, are to make us pure and blissful.

We meet lot of people in our day to day life. Each one has something good and something bad in them. Now, we need to see what we want to gain from them? Absorbing all the good things will add to our personality and help us in becoming a better human being. Learning bad things is very easy…needs no training, but gives results which can spoil our life, and there s no escape to it.

Therefore, accept whatever comes to your life happily. Always catch good things from people , ignore the negative qualities. As roses always have thorns with it. Nothing is perfect.


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