How old are you?

We have often heard, that with old age comes wisdom. But it’s not necessary, that all the elderly people take decisions wisely. Even after experiencing so much in life, and learning lessons they are still not able to accept the truth of life. So it’s not important that grey hair necessarily shows wisdom.

We as human beings need to understand, that life is to teach us lessons and we should accept them and correct our mistakes. If we are not taking these lessons seriously then life is simply a mess. Example, we often see even old aged people drinking, smoking and doing all those things which a person should learn from experience and never repeat it. They know the side effects but still don’t care and suffer throughout their old age.

We generally hear people saying that, we don’t have time for worship. This is all for old age. Not true. Bhakti can be done since childhood and it will reap you benefits in your old age. But what is Bhakti or true worship? This I have already discussed in my previous blog named, ‘Real worship’. Where worship is not lighting Diya s in front of god, but it’s our deeds or karmas which we are doing. Karma done with right emotions and thoughts is true Bhakti.

Elderly people should share good thoughts because of their sweet and bitter experiences. The feeling while sitting with them should be as pure as water. Then only we can say, experience counts.

So, the question is, how we want to be in our 60’s? It will all depend on our present. No financial plans, nothing will work. The only thing which will help is our karmas, which should be taken care of since childhood.


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