Real worship

Who has created this universe? God or that supreme energy is the manager of everything. So, what should be the correct way to worship him. He is not pleased by money donations or food which we make as Prasad. Real Bhakti is important, and we need to understand it.

The life which is given to us by the creator is a continuous process. We think it will end one day. But it’s never ending till our karmas are finished. And the cycle of birth and death continues. So there should be no fear of death. As our life will go on and on till we reach to the stage of Moksh.

We have separated god from us. We always look up in the sky or in the statues in search of god. But actually it’s in our own self. We have separated god from ourself that’s the reason god is away from us.

Have we ever seen oxygen which is life giving…But we know that it’s a form, and can give and take life from us. Same way god is an energy which cannot be seen and can only be felt. If we form a close relationship with god, then only our life can blossom like a flower.

We all cry when something bad happens with us. Even Arjuna cried on the battlefield but he cried not for himself, but for others. His grief was selfless. Thats real worship. Whatever is given by god should be accepted by us without any regrets. Then only we will blossom like a flower. Have faith in your karma. Whatever we have done will get back to us, so accept it.

Never ask or cry in front of god. That’s real worship. If someone scolds you or you are tensed, do you go crying in front of your kids. No, you always show a happy face in front of them. Treat god as you treat your children. Never ask for anything or cry.

What ever you do, do it selflessly. That’s real worship of god.


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