Breathe consciously

What are the things we give importance to in our life? All the other things except our breath. We have never thought of paying attention to our breath. We think it’s a normal process…big deal! ! Why it’s important, it’s something very natural to us. But the fact is, if we don’t breathe we are dead. It is the most essential aspect of our life. We can only be alive or dead because of it.

So this energy which is inside our body can create wonders if we pay attention to it. It has a beauty of its own. If we pay attention to our breath through yoga, It can take us to a long way.

We all want a bigger piece of cake and keep experiencing something extraordinary in life. So for this we need to expand our perspective of life. If we master the art of breathing and go beyond the physical existence of life then all our sufferings will come to an end.

The speed at which we breathe tells us about the length of our life. If we breathe fast our life will be shortened. Slowing down of breath has a soothing effect on our emotional state too.

Breathing has a sound of its own. According to upanishads, the sound of breath is ‘so’ during inhalation and ‘ham’ during exhalation. So, concentrate on this sound and create wonders within you.

According to WHO by 2020 depression and anxiety will be the number one disability in a person. In this digital world where everyone is on their phones…we need to divert our mind and pay attention to something fruitful. Breath is like the oil in a car. For smooth functionality we need to check the oil, otherwise the engine will get seized.

Therefore, when we pay attention to our breath, we feel we are different from our body and mind. We feel as if we are an energy which has no relation with this body, except the role of a driver. As soon as we start experiencing this separation, all our sufferings and anxieties come to an end.


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