Experience and Believe

There are lots of wrong beliefs which people follow and knowledge which people share with us. It’s not necessary to believe in all of them or follow them blindly. In our daily life , we meet lot of people who share their experiences with us. We should listen to them, but believe only after we ourself experience it.

For example, When our kids are young there comes so many advices from everyone around us. And well, We follow quiet of them. Someone said to do this, other said, no it should be some other way. Trying almost everything on them, and one day, We found out that not everything works on everyone. We all are different from each other, Still we do it. But after so many experiences we should learn, don’t follow blindly to what people say, find out a reason behind everything. Experience it and then believe it. That’s true knowledge for everyone.

In our country, we and especially village people believe in so many superstitions. But in the end whatever happens, happens the way it is mend to be. Therefore, don’t waste life and time in such wrong practices. Believe only in yourself.

Experience truth and see how it feels.

Follow discipline and see how it changes your life.

Experience loving yourself and see how you build respect for yourself.

Meditate and explore the real self within you.

So, believing without experiencing is like doing without knowing. Instead, first gain knowledge, apply it practically into our life and see what’s the difference between the two experiences.


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