True freedom

The way a bird lives is true freedom. The first sound we hear in the morning is the chirping of birds. The discipline they follow in their lives. We need to learn from their lives,how to live freely. Getting up early in the morning and taking care of their younger ones. Searching food for them…

A bird sitting on the branch of a tree, is never afraid of breaking of the branch. Why? Because it has full faith on its own wings. We should also have faith on ourself, and know what is best for us.

Keep on trying till you succeed. How a bird tries to fly…it falls down again and again but still keep trying till it learns to fly. We too need failures in order to discover our inner strengths.

We all love freedom. Fly like a bird. The grace it carries while flying. No fear of falling. Until and unless we don’t try to do something , we don’t really know how far we can go. Even if there’s rain or storm.. the birds have courage and they never give up.They enjoy the rain, and again try to fix their nests singing happily.

Freeing ourselves from the vices present inside us is true freedom. These vices are anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, stress, depression, ego, selfishness, comparison, competition, etc. All these vices are our real enemies. We have given our control to these enemies. And they are destroying our inner peace. What’s the solution to this? Fighting with all of them with full determination. No matter what happens in our life, we need to handle the situations with full determination.

Free your soul from the burdens which you are carrying. Enjoy life no matter what comes your way. No hatred, comparisons, jealously….. only happiness all around.

Therefore, we need to purify from inside, which will allow us to experience what true freedom means.


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