What’s the deal today?

We always want something in return of what we are doing for others and ourselves too. If we help someone then we expect them to help in return. What kind of deals we are making in our lives?Taking care of kids.. we want them to take care of us in old age. Working hard in business.. want maximum returns. And it happens even with god. People always go to the temples to ask something from god. There’s always a want. If that deal is done we are happy with god and it builds more faith, and if not then we keep loosing faith .

So what’s the problem? That’s the way everyone is dealing with their lives. Are we really getting something worthy from this kind of life? This way of life will really not take us anywhere. And it’s happening already. Instead of being successful in so many things, we have reached nowhere in life, except reaching stress, depression, unhappiness , unhealthy lifestyle.

I understand in life being practical, we need to do our job and business in a certain way. But we should keep god that supreme power away from such deals. Even if we are going to a temple or not we are always asking for something or the other from god. If not money, we ask for peace, happiness and joy… which is already a part of ourself. Let’s be away from this begging business. Keep accepting what life is giving to you.

Devote yourself not only to god but everything around us. Don’t expect anything in return. No expectations from kids , family, friends and not even with god. That is true yog, just pure union with everything possible around us.

Therefore, try making no more deals, only devotion.


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