What is Dhyan?

As soon as we listen to the word Dhyan, we imagine a person sitting with eyes closed repeating some mantras. We also call it as meditation. Yes, meditation is very good for our inner health and we should include it into our daily regimen.

Each one of us knows about Dhyan and yog. Yog means union with the supreme energy that makes you realise your inner self. And, what is dhyan? Dhyan is to concentrate. Concentrate on what?…people, self, any object, point of light, trees, imaginary situations?? Yes, this is what we are trying to do. We are concentrating on things, sitting at one place, and trying to be thought less to get that inner calmness.

What actually more important is that, we need to concentrate on our work, our daily chores, tasks and challenges which comes to our life. Concentrate on work and nothing else. It’s as simple as that. 100 percent involvement in what ever we do will give us the deserving results. If we fulfill our responsibilities with full involvement then definitely we can say that we are doing Dhyan.

Therefore create a balanced life by doing two types of meditation… Dhyan on inner self and Dhyan on the karmas.


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