Oppression is good

There are so many successful people around us whose actual journey of life have started with some incidents of oppression. Hearing them can give goosebumps to us. Each of them have got the kick to start their lives afresh due to some unpleasant situations. We can say that these

People became hero from zero.

So whose responsible for the success? Of course People who lift you up but more important than those are who oppressed you or tried to push you down. There should be thankfulness towards those who gave them a jerk, which motivated them to move ahead. For them it may be their anger or they just want to suppress the person. But infact they are acting as a Catalyst towards the success of a particular person. Due to these people the real strength within a person is revealed. So be thankful to such people.

That’s the reason we say whatever happens in life is for our good. Always see what positive has happened with us due to negative situations, and we will be never be unhappy during those difficult times.


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