Uncountable counts

In today’s era where money is the most important thing for all of us, we are only concentrating on how much we are earning and how much more is needed for future. Everyone is busy counting their bank balance, properties, investments, etc. Is there any realisation, where are we going with all these things? And how is it helpful in improving the quality of life. I think we are only focusing on quantity and ignoring the quality of life.

People are quiet liking the concept of countable things. We make friends on Facebook by this concept, even relationships like marriage is also based on this counting concept. Both the parties are looking for well to do and financially sound families. If the budget suits both, then the deal is done. Is it the correct way to form any relationship? If we are lucky our life is set, otherwise its spoiled.

So, measuring each and every thing in our life has become our habit.

Now, let’s come to the uncountable concept. What is uncountable? It cannot be measured and can only be felt, which is:





All the above are in built in us naturally, but we are not able to discover them. It’s basic human nature. Our childhood was full of memories filled with happiness, love and joy, there was nobody to teach us lessons on it. Even small small things gave us enormous joy. As we grow and come in contact with the social environment, all these qualities starts fading. So, what we are experiencing is synthetic happiness, which means it’s not natural. We are creating it artificially. So,Where is the natural happiness gone?

Actually, It’s everywhere around us and inside us as well, we just need to explore it.

We just need to, master the art to experience these uncountables by putting them into practice. Search for bliss inside you,be spiritual ,start feeling it and then, spread it amongst others. And that’s what I’m trying to do.


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