Joy of fearlessness

Fear is an emotion which is making people weak day by day. It need to be removed from its roots.

So what kind of fear one can have?
Fear of loosing our dear ones, relationships, all those things which we have gathered, failure, getting hurt, loneliness, health, dependence on others, getting punished, etc.

All these things fear us especially,when we run away from reality. We live either in past or in future, but what about present? Are we giving justice to this wonderful life given to us? We are wasting our time just thinking and planning. And then we regret that we didn’t enjoy life. Living life to the fullest means being in the present moment. This present moment is fixed, and never be back again. Its precious.

Let the situations come and go. Don’t try to catch them or hold them. It’s just like flowing water. Can we hold water or catch it in our hands? No, so Just see how beautiful life is. Drink it fearlessly like we drink water. Live in your present.
Whatever situations come to us, we just need to face them, analyse them and do our best to solve them. Don’t fear them.

Being fearless means being strong. Strong doesn’t mean to be rude or arrogant or hurt people. But being strong enough to handle any kind of situation.

In fact there’s joy in being fearless. We can enjoy each and every moment of life, as we have no fear of tomorrow. Therefore, stop fearing the fear and keep going with the flow of life.


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