Friendship is the essence of any relationship. It may be between a mother daughter, sisters, brothers, husband wife, grandparents, neighbours, etc. Any kind of relationship is incomplete without friendship.

Being friendly makes a relationship interesting, and we put more efforts to build it stronger. We can be friends with ourselves and, with other things like, plants, books, and animals too. Infact they can be proved to be a better friend. So, it depends upon the closeness between the two. Whenever we feel low, the person or thing we go to or share with is our bestie. So we will come to know easily.

It’s something which is natural and we don’t need to search for them. True friends are always there with you in any kind of situation. There s no formality in friends as we don’t need to think before speaking in front of them. We can share each and every thing with them. The relationship is pure and transparent.

Now a days, people are making friends, by looking at their financial and social status.Friends are misused, and that’s not a true friendship. It is not necessary to have a large group of friends just for the sake of show off or increasing the number. Infact, lot of gossiping happens in such situations. And we get trapped in it.

Even one friend can be enough if he or she is a true friend. A true friend sacrifices everything for you just like a mother do. A true friend has the courage to tell you your weaknesses and shouts on you when you go towards the wrong path, but still takes care of your likes and dislikes. Therefore, don’t worry about making friends, they will be attracted naturally if both deserve each other’s friendship.

Happy friendship day. May all of us are blessed with true friends.


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