Power yourself with Appreciation

Appreciation is recognising the value of a human being for any given reason.

Nobody is perfect on this earth and they do have in them, some flaws. But at the same time each one of us is gifted with some qualities which are appreciable. We need to recognise that gift within us.

Rather then appreciating what we are, We need to appreciate where we are in life.
Which level of life? How much quality of life is improved? What are the good changes among ourselves? Alll these inspires us to value how we have reached to a particular point.
Therefore, Focus on appreciation not recognition.It affects our relationships with others and with ourself too. Appreciation values a person. Everyone who is appreciated experiences a feel good factor and hormones like dopamine are released in the brain. It expands the capacity to work and increases the productivity.

Now for most of us it’s very difficult as it’s not inborn. So, what to do? Simple, practice appreciation. Start with the family, then with friends. And then appreciation will come naturally to you.
Start receiving and giving compliments from others and to others….don’t say oh no no I don’t deserve it. Accept the appreciation gracefully.

Would like to put an example to understand it better. For me, I am learning it from my father in law. I’m blessed to have him. He has this quality naturally, in built. The way he appreciates kids, and each and every family member, even for small small things is admirable. Whether, ‘you are dressed up well’ or ‘you have achieved something really big’, he appreciates it in the same manner with so much of positive energy. It gives a great level confidence to the person.

Therefore ,it is one of the greatest gifts we can give to people around us and to ourself too.

‘Appreciate appreciation’


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