Drama of life

Welcome to the drama of life!

Yes, we have heard these dialogues lots of times, but still need to understand it deeply. Life is portrayed like-

* A stage where we perform.

* Everyday is a new episode… where we need to act.

* Without action our karmas remain incomplete, and they are being carried forward.

* We are not alone in this drama, but each and every person we come in contact with has an important role to play. Therefore, coordination with them is very important.

* Our karma for a particular day is finished or not, depends on how we have performed.

So, what do we need, to make life a success?

Only three things if we take positively i.e

* Thinking

* Speech

* Action

Concentrate on the above three. Life will become easy.

We are all learning lessons with situations. And situations will naturally teach us how to act appropriately. We need to take retakes again and again, and by thorough practice perfection will be achieved.

Don’t get emotional with the situations passing by. It’s just a role and you need to do your best. Rest leave on god. Don’t get attached to all the material things you have, as they are all given to you, to serve some purpose of life.

And lastly, but very important…enjoy each and every moment of life.


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