Making life meaningful

We as human beings are seeking for happiness all the time, and even animals are doing the same. So what’s the difference between two? Looking for ways which will make you happy? What are they?

I think for most of us, success and money making is the goal. Success in business, promotion in jobs, achieving the goals, marrying the person whom we like, buying new cars and gadgets, buying gifts for our children to see the precious smile on their faces, etc.

If all the above things are making a person happy, then why most of us are dissatisfied with their lives? Achieving the above things are not impossible. If we have a proper vision to see life, then nothing is impossible.

But, the most important of all is to add meaning to our life. Instead of searching for happiness, search for the meaning. We should find out the reason for what we have taken birth for? So, if happiness is not the ultimate goal of life, then what is it?

* Nurturing the relationships is the most important of all. Give the best you can so that their are no regrets afterwards.

* Do what you enjoy the most. Make it your career and see how fast you will excel.

* Be kind and caring with others.

* Understanding

* Helping people.

* Analyse your past and learn from it.

* Serve others.

* Learn from your failures and sufferings

* Be spiritual.

* Be humble.

* Share your stories with yourself and others.

* Search for the purpose of life

Therefore,We need to inculcate the above points within ourself and share them with our family, friends and society, in order to make it a better place to live in.

Happiness will come and go, but giving a meaning to life through above points will help you hold yourself and never let you down in any situation.


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