Expressing self through 6 senses

We are all gifted with beautiful senses to express ourselves. We touch, see, listen, smell, and talk using these gifts given by god. But we are not using them, the way we should. We need to express our feelings through all these senses, so that people can understand our emotions in a better way.

So, being expressive plays an important role. Generally, people who don’t talk much about themselves or don’t share their views suffer from depression in long term. So it’s better to add the quality of expressing self in front of the family members and friends. Now it may come to your mind, what if people laugh on me or make fun, if they don’t like my views. So it’s ok as it’s their point of view and way of expressing their thoughts. Don’t fear rejection.

Be like an open book. Nothing to hide. And see that your life will become as beautiful as you want it to be.

Now, these senses can be used wisely at the right point of time. Lets take each of them one by one:

Touch- when we shake hands with someone while greeting them or hug them, the kind of connection with that person is different as compared to verbal greeting.

See- if we pay attention while somebody is communicating with us, making eye contact, then it has more impact and the understanding is better.

Smell-if we smell some nice fragrant flowers or a nice aroma is used around our living place, then it refreshes us and relaxes our mind and body.

Listening- listening to good music can create wonders in our health and body. Music plays a therapeutic role.

Talk- communicating with others is very important as it is the best channel to release stress. We should talk to people and express our views so that they know us better.

And now the most important… Along with these five senses, we have one more sense which is gifted by god. We just need to explore it, it’s Spirituality. If a person becomes spiritual then they are able to solve all their life problems on their own. It’s called as the sixth sense or the third eye. To explore this we need to get involved in such activities which focus extremely on purification of karmas.

Life will definitely be transparent to us when we start expressing through these 6 senses.


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