Ego kills

The worst enemy of a person is ego. If a person gives importance only to self, then he or she becomes blind in their opinions towards others. The judgement of such people will be self centred and can look only for their own well being. An egoistic person has anger and dominance. All these vices will destroy the person from within. It’s like a slow poison or a termite which cannot be seen outside. But in long time it makes you hollow from inside or almost kills you.

A self centred person will never be able to understand other persons view. Such people has respect only for their own views. They don’t give importance to others.

Proud, anger, selfishness, self importance and attachment to materialistic things are the qualities of an egoistic personality. All these seems to make a person strong from outside, but the reality is that they are the weakest and fearful of all.

A person may have lot of good qualities in himself but this one vice of egoism can spoil the whole personality. All the other good qualities will become faded if egoism is not treated. Therefore, What we need is ‘will power’ and ‘want’ to change ourselves. Nothing is impossible if we want to do it. But understanding the importance of this want for change is very important. It may seem difficult as the habit of being selfish is very enjoyable. To be self centred is very easy, but to sacrifice things for others seems difficult for such a person.

Nobody enjoys the company of such people. If people are staying away from us and are not comfortable , then we should understand that there is something wrong with us. Try to mend as fast as possible otherwise it becomes your nature and then cannot be changed after a long time.

Being down to earth, sacrificing for others, understanding people and respect, can make us all an ideal human being. That’s the way we should be. Check your karma s and be alert of all these enemies entering your domain.


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