Know the truth of life

Taking birth as a human being means we are blessed with such qualities , through which we can create wonders on earth. And that’s the reason we have come here. Otherwise, there would be no need to take birth.

* We need to achieve something which we want to or for what we all have come to,

* learn something which lacks in us,

* extend help to those who need us.

So one point is clear that each one has a life goal for which we all have taken birth. At some point of time, through different situations, it becomes clear, what exactly we need to do.

Now, If we are given this opportunity and responsibility, then why to waste this precious time. What ever situations come to us, we need to do batting or handle them with the required speed, control and concentration. If we know this art to handle different scenes coming one after the other then we can create a beautiful movie to remember.

Learn the art to manage the inner being. This is possible through experiences and self enlightenment. And especially, it will happen only when we want it for ourself. We need to understand, what role enlightenment play s and what it means to life?

⚜️An enlightened person has the following qualities:

-such a person can handle any kind of situation in life with ease.

-explore the true identity of self.

-first love self and then spread it to others.

-no attachment to material things.

-can create their own life, the way they want it to be.

-clarity of mind.

Ans must be many more.

I think this is the most beautiful experience which can happen to someone. So we all should keep making efforts to move towards this path of life and one day we all will achieve the true happiness.


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