Faith on karma

During the difficult times of life people run after the most powerful energy, that is god. If something wrong happens with someone, people will sympathise and say, have faith in god. People start praying at that time and our visits to the temples becomes frequent. What’s the result? Nobody can stop whatever is happening as it is the result of the your karmas. God can always give us strength to face such situations, but we cannot avoid facing them.

Best thing to believe in and have faith on is our own karmas. Whatever is happening in our lives is the outcome of the karma which we have performed in the past. If we have this knowledge of, what is the ideal way to think , act and say then our future life will become clean and painless. Give importance to three things in life….first, the way we think, second, the action and third, the way we speak.

Have faith in karmas and we don’t need to worship or go to the temples. Our thoughts should be as clean and pure as water, actions should be such, that did not harm others and speech should be as sweet that people should love to sit with us for endless hours. If we take care of these things then we don’t need to desire to live in heaven as we can make it on our own.

Make karma your life mantra. Make efforts to work upon yourself. Concentrate on what you do, and perform it in the best way possible.

Believe in yourself 👍


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