Choose not to be a beggar, but a ‘giver’.

These days almost everybody has complains about their relationships. Parents are unhappy with their children and vice versa, and in the same way other relations like, husband and wife, grandparents and grandchildren, friends and even neighbours have complaints with each other. We all have such a self oriented life that we hardly care what each one of us is doing. Everyone is in their own world enjoying loneliness which results into a kind of emptiness within us. We don’t realise this initially, but after a long time the outcome of such kind of a life will be very dangerous.

So, we need to break this unpleasant life style and stay together as much as possible. This togetherness will give us immense pleasure. But to experience it we need to change ourself and create such an environment where everyone would love to stay close for a longer period of time.

We all are often faking are relationships saying that we are happy with it. And even if we say we are not, we always try to ask how to improve relationship with the other person? But the real question should be.. how to improve relations with self. We are bothered about others but not about our own self. A person who is himself lost… cannot give directions to others.

We are hiding our own true self and leading a false life, so is the other person. So these two person can never gel and have a heart to heart relationship. So what all we do is just communication . And in this great scientific world it’s possible through emails and messages. Nobody has time for each other. The communication is just good morning and bye and the day is gone.

Unless we don’t know who we really are.. we cannot enjoy our own company. And that’s the reason we keep looking for friends, so that we can release our tensions and pressures on them. We need someone to talk, a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to us. We need to enjoy our own company, and from that day we will stop wandering. The day we are able to do this, we are ready to handle a relationship in true sense.

The best relationship is where you do not expect anything from others and is always ready to deliver your best.

when we are relating to god. We always ask god to bless us and fulfill our desires which is not the basis of love. Rather just thank god for what he has given us.

Therefore, In any relationship choose not to be a beggar, but a giver.


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